Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Picture Perfect?

Not to far from our home is a set of duplexes. As with most duplexes these seem to host a regular turnover of tenants; every three-six months tenants move in and out. We've noticed young families, roommates, and middle-age couples. Despite the reputation of some duplexes, for the most part, the people living here all seem to be the typical, average, mild mannered, law abiding citizens living their lives and trying to figure out how to fill their scrapbooks with day-to-day moments just like the rest of us.

The other day as we drove past we saw a sheriffs car, another unmarked but obviously official car parked in front of the duplex and an interesting scene in the front yard. A guy with a camera was taking a picture of a man holding up some official looking documents who was flanked on either side by a sheriff and another man who appeared to be functioning in some sort of law enforcement capacity; meanwhile from the porch someone who appeared to be a family member held a baby on their hip and watched. Adorable Hubby and I quietly observed the scene as we drove past neither of us commented for a block or so then we simultaneously turned to each other and began making suggestions for the photo caption on that scrapbook page. The whole situation was our laugh for the day. It was just such a Mayberry moment.

Here our some of our photo caption ideas for that scrapbook page:

Bert receives top honors for Hunters Safety.

May 10, 2008, Our first subpoena.

Garth meets his new parole officer.

Billy Bob gets a certificate for one month clean and sober.

Happy Eviction Notice day.

The County Sheriffs Office test it's friendlier new mugshots at home program.

It's official, Uncle Chuck is on the Sex Offenders registry.

Oops! Butch's 1982 Lincoln gets repossessed.

Congratulations Uncle Larry, on completing the County Spousal Abuse Awareness program.

Sheriff Randy and Deputy Fred serve Bruce his first Search Warrant.

Maybe your family have more experience in this type of scrapbook moments, leave me a comment with your scrapbook entry on the day the sheriff stops by.

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S'mee said...

You describe perfectly the situation at the end of our block. As you drive into the neighborHOOD, that particular street is flanked on one side by apartments. There is even one triplex that has found a way around the economic crunch and has families living in the garage space as well!

When the sun goes down the roaches come out and it's such a lovely environment! Living in the hood means you never have to worry about being alone, someone is always wandering around the street during the middle of the night!

As far as your caption, hmm, perhaps:

Mooooove Over! Steven gets a personal invitation to the Policeman's Brawl!

The journaling?-

You all know how much Steven hang's out with the police, well yesterday he actually was swept off his feet when they showed up to carry him off to 'head quarters' for the night! What a surprise! As for the cow- well he has always been lactose intolerant!

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