Friday, February 27, 2009

What The.... Fridays

Remember when you were in elementary school and you had a bestest friend and you were always gonna be the bestest of friends and then she went and made friends with someone else and you were so sad and mad, but then you realized she wasn't that great anyway and, and sob...

I have a best friend, shocking I know, we became friends when our oldest boys were in church nursery together, our oldest boys turn 18 this year. Prior to her being my best friend her husband, my Adorable Hubby and my friend, had been high school chums (chums is a great word). So I kinda take our friendship back even further by association.

We can talk about anything, go anywhere together wearing anything, we've seen everything, been through so many ups and downs, trials and blessings, thicks and thins that when we're together it's hard to know where one of us begins and the other ends. The best part is being able to expand that circle of love to our husbands, children, extended families and even a few friends. Somewhere in the definition of truest friendship there has to be something about love extending to who the other loves without precondition or jealousy.

8 years ago I moved to a different city, only 20 minutes away but, when you could live next door and share homes and yards freely and wish you did, 20 minutes feels like a long ways. Still our friendship has flourished and we've grabbed hold of each technology that could help it grow, cell phones, texting, email, blogging, Face Book. (She's Suz Jason and the Grunts on my sidebar)

This circle of technology and the distance has added new friends to each of our circles and from time to time one of us will feel a bit sad that the other one is spending so much time with someone else. Not that we don't want the other to have as many close friends as possible, just that life is busy and time together is hard to come by.

So today my... (insert awesome word for the opposite of internet) friend Suzie, says about my bloggy friend Mrs Nurse Boy, "You tell her to back off, you're my best friend and it's staying that way!"

What the...

Mrs. Nurse Boy, will you please leave Suzie one of your sweet friendly comments so that we can all be friends.

Friends are the deserts in the feast of life, heart felt thanks to all my amazing friends next door across town and across the blogosphere, you make my life so incredibly sweet, and I don't even have to swear off you for my junk food free lent observance.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Throbbin' Thursdays

Woo Hoo! I got tagged. Open your sixth photo folder, publish the sixth photo, explain it, tag 6 friends.

Today I'm throbbin' on tags! Being tagged didn't happen to me until quiet a ways into my blogging career. Never had a stalker, never had a robber, never been tagged, what is wrong with me???? Errr, Uh hmm... Now whenever I get tagged I'm thrilled, I do a little blog-fodder jig, why?

Because people, I'm just not that creative, which is why I have goofy topics for all the days of the week, I need a subject. Tags are the perfect little break for my sad little muse, she gets to take a day off while I mindlessly answer the question, 'what do I love about the letter A' or 'why the heck is my teenager climbing radio towers?'

So why is he climbing on a radio tower? "Uhhh... it was there Mom, duh."

My question is, "Why does there have to be photographic evidence of heart stopping stuff I'm not supposed to know they did until I'm 80?"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inspired By You Wednesdays

As all, like... 9, of my faithful readers know, last week I was trying to be inspired by Heffalumps, Sugar Free for Two Weeks post(I Write About Nothing on my side bar) . Due to Monthly Munchies Syndrome, I was unable to find that inspiration last week; but, this is a new week.

Then while reading Barbaloots (see side bar) post, Campaign for Obesity, she mentioned that she and a friend observe Lent by swearing of Junk Food for 45 days. Being the, sensitive to others religious views, type that I am, I boldly invited myself to join their junkless observance, and Barbaloot graciously made the invitation formal; like she had a choice, kinda like knowing in the first 30 seconds of the blind date that it's just not gonna work out for you and fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror man, but... you still have to be nice.

So, thanks Barbaloot for the nice invitation and the inspiration. I had my own little Carnaval yesterday at the Blue and Gold Banquet, one little piece of cake from 10 different cakes made by, proud to share 8 - 10 year old boys, adds up to a cake gobbling feast, no beads were involved. I began my penance at midnight last night, I'll think lovingly of better health, a few less pounds and a Reece's Easter Bunny in 45 days.

By the way both of these women have fantastic blogs, be sure to check them out.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Toothsome Tuesday

Sunday we had a baked potato bar. So easy and so delish!

The Most Incredible Baked Potatoes Ever

1 bag of those huge baking potatoes from COSTCO, you most likely won't need the whole bag, our boys plus 3 extras, left only 1 potato for hash browns.

Scrub potatoes, I have a handy dandy potato scrubber that looks like this, it works fabulously.

Stab potatoes 6 or 7 times on each side with a paring Knife.

Roll in melted butter, margarine might possibly produce acceptable results, but why risk it.

Place on baking sheet then sprinkle both sides liberally with kosher salt.

Bake at 350 degrees for 2-3 hours, we like the skins extra crispy.

You barely need salt and butter with these heavenly spuds.

Fun things we topped 'em with:

De-frosted frozen peas, for Boy Mom.
Ranch dressing for Adorable Hubby.
Olives, for #'s 5,6,7.
Ham chunks, boys need meat.
Steamed broccoli, our little nod to healthy.
Cheese, grated and melted.
Chili, 'cause flatulence is soooo funny!
Chopped green onions, yum!
Sour Cream, for #1.
Bacon bits, we can't get enough pig.
Asparagus, fancy.
BBQ sauce, #2's idea, he's a little weird;)
Creamed Corn, yea, were hicks!
Green peppers, yuck! I do these for my mom.
Sauteed mushrooms, they make everything better.
Brussel sprouts, just kidding.

This is some seriously good grub, and no one hit me up for a bowl of cereal 20 minutes later.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mondays Muttered Mumblings

One of the advantages of marriage is that usually both spouses don't hit behavior extremes at the same time. This is often the case with cleaning at Boy Home, no were not talking loading the dishwasher or throwing a load of jeans in the washer. Were speaking manic, furniture rearranging, back of the closet, cleaning. On occasion one of us might walk to the edge of the, throw away every item not currently in use, death to dust bunnies, abyss;but usually the other of us can talk them down before something gets hurt, yes sexual favors and chocolate are acceptable negotiating tools.

Not today, dust bunnies, closets, be afraid! Be very afraid!

And, remember awhile ago when Octamon did that cool post on the eye colors inherited by her 8 little darlings, this is my best efforts. It's a little blurry because I didn't have my glasses on when I took it... or maybe it's that I'm a lousy photographer.

I choose this one because it makes me look about 16 thanks to the out 'O control bangs covering the wrinkles and the lovely pimple on my chin.

There are only two eye colors in our family, Adorable Hubby has the deep, almost navy, blue seen here on #6, which he shares with all his sons except #5, on the left. #5 and I share blue, green changeable eyes kinda like mood rings.

Here are a couple more, because my boys are so very cute!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


An Adorable Man reminded me of this simple principal. Our Savior relates to us in one of three ways.

Child, "Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often would I have gathered thee as a hen gathereth her chicks."

Servant, "Well done thou good servant, because thou has been faithful in a very little."

Friend, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. "

He Gave His life for each of us, to Him we are all His friends, how we relate to our Savior is in our hands. We can cling like a child, serve in hopes of pay, or embrace wholly with open heart our dearest friend.


Saturday, February 21, 2009


"From there to here, from here to there funny things are everywhere." Dr. Seuss, I think.

Today I saw a funny thing, maybe only to me, if so, sorry!

As I drove along a very busy road, traffic in front of me began switching to the right lane and I could see police lights ahead. As I got closer I saw four police cars and an SUV but no other car. My heart sped up a bit, "Must be pretty bad if I can't see the other car and it takes four police cars," I think. I switch lanes and drive past slowly trying not to rubberneck to obviously. Ha, the, other car, was one of the police cars, nobody was hurt, duh, I'm not that mean.

There was some impressive damage to both vehicles, Officer Oops rear ended that SUV with some force. And, as I drive by giggling, I'm thinking, "Dang where is my camera when I really need it 'cause I'm so gonna blog this."

Sorry men in blue, or black as was the case, you know I love you, even if I laugh at your ironic little misfortunes! Well there was that totally unfair ticket a couple years ago, so we're even now, Yes? No hard feelings, K?

Friday, February 20, 2009

What The...Fridays

I get a kick out of the little old people working at Wal mart. I love how friendly they are with their silver hair and chatty ways. I think the little aprons they wear are cute on their wrinkly little bodies and the accompanying
Hello, my name is ______________ tag is just precious. I only accepted a few months ago that anyone over 60 has a first name that can be used without a last name. I love those darling names, Betty Lou, George, Doris, Ted, and that they delight in my young children and wouldn't think of letting me start a shopping trip with a rain or snow damp cart.

A couple days ago I ran to Wal mart for girl products and fabric, I don't go without an agenda, that's just, "Settin' yerself up fer spendin' $300.00 dollars on clearance thatcha didn't need, but was just such a great deal!"

I quickly found what I needed in the fabric department then waited for the little old employee to finish chatting with the little old customer ahead of me. As she leaned over to cut my fabric I tried not to watch in horror as her large unconfined bosoms lolled along the width of the fabric dangerously close to the large shears she was cutting with.

What The...

Where was her Cute little apron? Where the heck was her bra? Where, for the love of all things holy, was the OSHA policy requiring people who work with large scissors to keep the girls contained.

And that reminds me of a joke, Uhh...if you have a delicate little sense of humor dearie, you should just stop reading right here.

What did one breast say to the other?
If we don't get some support soon people will think we're nuts.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Throbbin' Thursdays

Today I'm throbbing on Mommy days off. Those amazing days when you don't bother with guilt over all the things you should be doing.

Instead you:

Nap with the kiddos.

Laugh at the idea of a shower.

Count walking to the kitchen, during commercials of your favorite nighttime shows, rebroadcast on TNT, as exercise.

Turn on the Discovery channel for home school.

Eat guacamole and chips for breakfast.

Send Hubby to get your favorite drink.

Let the kids eat an entire bag of leftover Valentines suckers.

Stay in Jammie's all day.

Kidnap your Hubby to the bedroom during Deigo.

Read new blogs all day.

Leave anonymous comments on blogs that don't comment back.

Open the bag of milk chocolate chips you told the kids were ONLY for cookies. Hide from the kids. Eat them...all!

Sweetly inform hubby, that you've taken the day off and he's cooking dinner.

Order those new 3,556,000 thread count sheets Overstock keeps emailing you about.

Order a really hot swim suit, three sizes to small, you know you'll get there.

Feed kiddos cold cereal for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Start a 700 page book.

Don't wash a single batch of laundry.

Tell the neighbor kids that today your kiddos can only play at a friends house.

Send the teenagers out for more munchies.

That's the kind of Mommy day off that starts my heart to thudding. Tell me about yours.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Inspired By You Wednesdays

I'd like to say that I was inspired by Heffalump, she blogs over at, I blog About Nothing,(check side bar). She wrote a post recently about swearing off refined sugar for two weeks. It was a great post and reminded me of all the reasons I love being sugar free. She brought out how much better naturally sweet foods taste, and how you avoid those sugar highs and LOWS! She also mentioned 5 lbs gone in two weeks with no other changes and no exercise.

I want to be inspired, I'm even trying to be inspired but a certain girl friend of mine is coming soon, she drops in every month or so. She's a demanding thing always wanting me to have loads of sweet and salty snacks around.

She convinces me that eating them is a better option then beheading one of my children or strangling a cell phone company employee. She further insists that it's not so much an addiction but my right as a fertile woman. Who am I to ignore such well researched arguments, apparently I'm not the only case study out there.

I really tried to be inspired by your great post Heffalump! Maybe next week?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Toothsome Tuesday

OK, I thought up a recipe today, you can hate me later, trust me you will.

I have a friend with a birthday today and funds are on the tightish side, what to do? Ahh, the gift delish.

I'm not sure of a good name for these delectable little treats, You Can Hate Me Later Bars, M&M Mars Beware, Nutty Sexy Clusters, or Dang Women These are Amazing Just Like Yous? That last one has a ring to it, don't you think?

1 cup corn syrup
1 cup sugar

Mix in largish saucepan bring to a boil. Stir and boil just until sugar is completely melted, about 2 1/2 minutes, be sure to scrape down sides.


1 cup peanut butter
2 1/2 cups roasted salted peanuts

Stir well, drop by tablespoons full, onto lightly greased cookie sheet.

In microwave melt 1 bag milk chocolate chips. drop by generous teaspoons full onto nut clusters, spread a bit then cool till chocolate is set.

These are seriously good, scary good, farewell Snickers and Reece's good, hide them from the kids good, don't share the recipe with your bloggy friends so that you can have an awesome giveaway and everyone will think you are the coolest good. See how much I love you people.

If you're re-gifting the box you put them into for your friend whose birthday is today, and she just possibly, gave you this box you might want to include a label like this.

Ingredients: SUGAR, CoRnSyRuP, PeanuT ButtEr, PEAnuts, CHOcoLATE, LoVE, BesT WisHes.

Warning: This product contains NUTs and should only be eaten by nUts. It was manufactured in a facility where it definitely came into contact with a nuT.

You could also include a card like this just in case the box was heart shaped and you might have got it from the birthday girl just last Saturday. What? It was a great box!

Dear Birthday Girl,
At first glance this may look like a left over Valentines gift bought cheap at an after Valentines sale, or a re-gifted heart shaped box filled with homemade treats; but, before you judge, taste one...I'm waiting...Mmmm who gives the best birthday gifts ever? Happy Freakin' Birthday!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Mondays Muttered Mumblings


Forget those jaw dropping, eye bugging cuss words, the most dreaded word in a child's burgeoning vocabulary may be WHY!

No word has more power to embarrass, infuriate, or traumatize a parent. No word can create such spluttering, stammering or blatant lying from an adult who suddenly has to come up with a plausible explanation to, WHY?

Last night I was locking doors for the night when #5 used the dreaded word... "Why do you lock the doors at night?" Then he answered himself with another why, "Why do people rob houses?" Then he turned the force of his WHY attack on me.

"Have we ever been robbed?" he asked, sneakily leaving out the WHY in a stealthy defense lowering move.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I know this one! Pick Me! "No sweetie our house has never been robbed."

Then he hit me hard right in the parental plexus with a full frontal WHY, "Why haven't we ever been robbed, Mom?" he asked with deceptive innocence.

"Uhhh, Ummmm, Well... Go To Bed!" He went to bed without an answer.

Not me, all night I lay awake wondering WHY???

Why have we never been robbed?

Is it my stellar door locking skills? Hmm, no, I forget half the time.

Maybe it's the testosterone haze that hangs over our house? Doesn't testosterone increase the tendency toward criminal behavior? Can't be that.

Maybe we don't have anything worth robbing? But what about Hole In The Head Woody, we have good stuff 'round here!

Maybe it's me? Not only have I never had a stalker, I've never had a robber either... sob.

OK, time for a sleeping pill.

See what WHY does? It's a naughty word, no child should use it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Ahh, the taste of love!!!

Big old Valentines Day kiss for y'all!

What tooooo much sugar looks like!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

What The...Fridays

We took our first four boys with us everywhere, if mommy went for a haircut, boys went along, if Daddy took the car for an oil change he'd have four little traveling companions. Grocery store, bank, doctors office, furniture store, car shopping, four little boys, a diaper bag, and a stroller, were our constant companions. If we couldn't find a babysitter on date night, we went on a family date, our four little boys were local restaurant connoisseurs.

We took #1 to Disneyland when he was three, two years later we made the Disney pilgrimage once again with #1 and #2; we didn't want them to miss out on anything.

After a four year break we added three little ones to brood; but, in the interim a fun little change had grown-up on us. We found ourselves with the wondrous innovation known as built in baby sitters. So cool! For a nominal fee, bringing home a favorite candy bar for instance, adorable Hubby and I could sneak away, on a Friday night, all by ourselves for an hour or two. Mom could run get her hair cut or enjoy a pedicure 'all by herself', a place way more magical then Disneyland. Dad found his happy place is the waiting room of the jiffy lube, sans kiddos. Yep we were hooked, even if we had to bribe our built in babysitters with actual money it was so worth it; so, #5, #6, and # 7 have been little homebodies a trip to 7-Eleven for a Slurpee is as close to a, sit down, restaurant as they get.

And bi-annual trips to Disneyland, ha, OK we did go as a family 3 1/2 years ago the big boys were fabulous to push the three strollers and get fast passes. #5 vaguely remembers it, I think.

Tonight, date night, and all our big boys had plans with friends. Gasp! We had no one to tend. So we loaded up our two little ones and headed to out to get a pizza. #6 and #7 gazed around the pick-up lobby of our local Little Caesars in wide-eyed awe, the crates full of liters of soda, the warming rack full of pizza, cash registers, heady stuff.

We grabbed our pizza and walked out of the store, there right next to our suburban, gleaming in the light from the blockbuster next door was a bright yellow Volkswagen Bug. #7 walked up faced the car, his favorite color, sighed rapturously, his hands clasped over his heart, then gave it a big hug.

What The...

We need to get this little guy out more.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Throbbin' Thursdays

This Thursday I'm throbbin' on that darling man you all know as Adorable Hubby. Today we've spent the day talking, connecting and loving, we do this a lot. Our joyful intimacy began 22 years ago when we were serving as Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We both served in the Cincinnati, Ohio area for 4 months. During that time a trusted friendship developed that is the foundation of our relationship.

Growing up, Adorable Hubby was the life of the party, he dated constantly had a large and varied circle of friends. He was a football player, jersey #57, he's always claimed that the, Whoever Kisses the Most Girls Wins, bet he had with his high school buddies, that won him second place with 56 kisses sealed my fate...I was Girl #57. Who knew football jerseys could predict love.

Adorable Hubby is a real sweet talker, our first Christmas together, while still missionaries, we sat on the floor playing a game. I was wearing a dress so, lady like thing that I am, I had my legs tucked up under me with only my ankles and feet showing. Adorable Hubby leaned over and said, "Wow! I think your ankles are bigger around than my mine!"

"Umm thanks??" I answered

"No, that's great, it means you're good brood stock!" You can't beat that pick up line folks. He was serious in his praise, he wanted big ol' football players for children. Looking at our big, handsome, sons, I'm forced to admit he got it right.

In high school I took being a wallflower very seriously, my shyness and hang ups with my body image were powerful wallflower assets. Adorable Hubby is my first boy friend, my first love, my first kiss.

I have learned so much from him, how to hold hands, how to kiss, I'm amazing he claims! The most profound lesson I've learned began on our first date, as he drove me home he told me he had a song that he really loved and wanted me to hear, he stuck a cassette tape of Hank Williams Jr. singing a song called Montana Cafe. I listened for a minute then figuring I had heard enough to be polite began talking again. Adorable Hubby stopped the song, rewound the tape (aww those were the days), turned to me and said, "No talking, this song really matters to me and I need you to really listen."

As I said, this lesson began on our first date, we learn it a bit more each day as we look past the irritating little weaknesses, the inadequacies in communication and truly seek to find what really matters to the other, really listening, deeply feeling, and passionately embracing, the unique perfection of our mate. Every sparkling facet of each of us, along with each character defining flaw came together in the breeding process (so tenderly romantic, we are) to create 7 wondrous variations of the one that is us. And that, my friends, is the beautiful power of marriage.

Thanks Adorable Hubby for being you, for helping me to be me, and for the joyful journey to us.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inspired By You Wednesday

My friend KS blogs over at It's All about Books (see my side bar). She is my inspiration today because she is an avid reader, she writes a mean book review, plus she has a darling husband, CUTE kids and a fun personality. KS likes some really cool things that begin with T, I know this because she wrote a post on 10 things you love that begin with T. It looked like so much fun that I requested a letter from her so I could do my own ABC lovin', with all the goings on around here you really wouldn't think I'd need blog fodder; but, even we bloggy geniuses experiences a bit of bloggers block from time to time alphabet love seemed a fitting subject for the week, so I ask for a letter. One again, those naughty A's reared their little heads and inspired KS to give me the letter A.

10 Things I love That Start with A

* Adorable Hubby: WooHoo! You made the top of the list Babe! Adorable Hubby claims he is last on my to do list just below the fish and the laundry. His quirky sense of humor and gorgeous blue eyes are just two of the 400 trillion reasons I love that man. I'll share more about him on Throbbin' Thursday; just wanted it known that despite all my girly issues and guilt's he's my heart and soul mate.

*Agriculture: I love things that grow, children, animals, gardens, laundry piles (not so much), families, relationships, love, ideas, souls, trees. I love all the aspects of nurturing, cultivating, feeding and experiencing growth. This probably explains why every family pet ends up being mine, and why my yard and house are filled with plants, children and animals.

*Ambulating: I wish I could say I loved the bone jarring, brain rattling, lung bursting, sport of running, I admire runners, their effortless gait and their lean bodies; but, I ambulate, I looked it up it means, to walk. I love walking, outdoors, on a treadmill, doesn't matter it's just something I adore.

*Athletics: I may love them in self-defense, given my life of boyness, but love them I do. Sitting in a lawn chair on a warm spring day watching my boys play baseball, or wrapped up in blankets on a crisp fall night watching a football just doesn't get any better.

*Adagio: This is slow, leisurely music or intricate dance. I love music, and dance especially as performed by my oldest son. He is a joy to watch, he loses himself in the song or dance and the joy of oneness that comes from group performance. Music and the movement it inspires are eternally beautiful to me.

*Adam: Thanks to his name and his mad 'A' writing skills, my youngest son gets to symbolize all my sons, I can't express my feelings for these magnificent creations of God. I feel so blessed to have been entrusted with their early lives. They teach me so much more then I'll ever teach them.

*Alliteration, Adjective, Allusion: Admirably, alliterating literary terms alluding to my love of literature both reading and writing it. I love, love, love a good book the kind that has so many layers of meaning that each time you read it it means something new. I love writing, I know my grammar, style and spelling leave much to be desired, but the work of combining words into sentences that tell a story never gets old for me.

*Afterglow: (Not the Mormon musical group, though I'm sure they've aged wonderfully) That feeling you get after know, cuddling and stuff with that special someone. Afterglow or, "floating down stream" as Adorable Hubby and I call it, in the arms of your lover is the best feeling ever.

*Attitude: Don't care whether yours is sweet, sassy, upbeat, sarcastic, fiery, pitiful, positive, funny or needs to be adjusted; I just love me some get in your face, make the world listen, AT-TI-TUDE!

*Atonement: I know God lives, I know Jesus is my savior. Every moment of my life is touched by the hands that bear the marks of my salvation. His sacrifice, to offer me the peace that comes from being AT ONE with each moMENT of me, is my greatest love.

Wasn't that fun? I'd love to know what you love! Leave me a comment, I'll consult my 4 year old, then give you a letter to love on.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Toothsome Tuesday

Sorry, I've just got nothing today... no recipe comes to mind... I'm determined to move the naughty A's down the page a bit though.

OK, I just thought of a recipe that I could share. I have never tried it but it sounded good and healthy when I read it.

Hot Chocolate

Pour a mug full of milk
Put in two or three or twenty-three mini bars of
Dark Dove Chocolate, Unwrapped.
Microwave for two or three minutes until chocolate is melted.
Stir well.

Yum, healthy hot chocolate.

If you go with the twenty-three bars of chocolate and Sweetened Condensed milk it should be realllly good!

Purpose accomplished, recipe shared, you'll have to scroll down for naughty A's, which, it just occurred to me, could be #7's version of family portrait. My boys are really deep thinking that way.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mondays Muttered Mumblings

#7 is practicing writing A's at preschool! I wonder if his preschool teacher, Mrs. Courtney, got the giggles like I did.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What The...Friday (on Saturday)

My boys went through a phase where, "What the heck" was heard 490 times a day. Then the big boys began ending, what the... with words that were, UNFRIKINACCEPTABLE! (where do they get their potty mouths from?) After an explosion or twenty from Boy Mom they settled on saying, "What the..." leaving all the alternative words off the ending. Fortunately we are about through the, What the... phase, thank heavens, there is nothing like walking through the grocery store with a three year old, yelling, "Mom, what the..." about every item I place in the cart.

Blogging, as usual, changed my perspective and I decided it made a great title for Friday posts, about things that make you go, WHAT THE...

So, after that introduction, here is this weeks Friday, What the...

I head out the door to pick up #6 at 12:05PM, his kindergarten class lets out at, yep, you guessed it, 12:05 PM. I was in a bit of a hurry and #7 announced he was going with me because he had shoes on, he also had on a shirt and underwear which is WELL! dressed for him, so I figured why not, I didn't have time to argue or find pants.

We pull up in front of the school, most of the kindergarten kids are gone, no #6, I can see that the door to his class room is open and figure he'll look out soon and see us, so we wait. After four or five minutes with no #6 I have a dilemma, I can't very well, haul #7 in to the school to look for his brother, they frown on undies only at our elementary school, plus, I recall having a dream or two about being at school in only my underwear, don't want to traumatize the poor thing. I can't just leave him in the car because leaving your 4 year old alone, in your car, on a winters day, in a t-shirt, Super-hero undies, and croc's is just screaming for Child Protective Services to come a'calling.

I sigh, wondering what to do. From the back seat #7, wonders aloud, "Where is #6, did someone eat him alive?"

What the....

Where do they come up with this stuff?

#6 walked out the door 20 seconds later.

Note to self: Consider pants and therapy for #7

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Inspired By You Wednesdays

I was reading Gills blog, she blogs at me-n-him-n-them, I have been unable to get Google to post her site to my blog roll, so frustrating, anyway, she mentioned that a little girl, Tuesday Fiona Whitt passed away on January30. (

I read back to the beginning posts of this mom of 4, the youngest, adorable twin girls with bouncy curls and angel faces. This mom blogged about the funny little day by day events we all blog about, birthdays, kids, playing in the garbage cans. In July everything changed one of her little twins was diagnosed with cancer. I read heart breaking posts about long nights spent in the intensive care unit, inspiring posts about prayers and fund raisers and good news, posts with pictures of a beautiful little girl with no hair, fighting hard for her life, here and there are bits of humor, a sweet acceptance and presence that is often lacking in my life.

Thanks Whitt family for having the strength and courage to share your beautiful lives with us. We will wrap our arms around our little ones and big ones, relish each second of their precious lives, accept the unacceptable that we may embrace each moment, for truly that is all any of us have.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Toothesome Tuesday

You know that saying, "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips", I have a new version. "Sign one little PTA line, they'll call you every time."

I have made it a habit to never sign up for the PTA (parent teacher association), it's not that I don't appreciate all the carnivals and book fairs...OK I really don't but, that's beside the point. It's just that I don't like ending up on lists that get me called over and over again to sit behind rickety tables handing out live goldfish to children who,"Just need 11 more for my little brother and my cousin who might be spending the night this weekend and my friend who's at the blow- up slide and his little sister who couldn't come because she has the Chicken pox and have you had the Chicken Pox because I might be contagious because my mom can't remember if I had them or got the shot, and do you know what these gold fish eat and how much do the snow cones...oh hey, hey, sorry my friend is ...can you just hold my fish till I get back from..hey, wait for me!"

So for years I've walked past the sign-up table at back to school night with my eyes down, muttering under my breath, "Sorry too many pre-schoolers." Alas I'm running out of pre-schoolers so, this year, short of giving birth to keep my excuse going, I signed up for one little PTA sponsored event.

Yep, one little name and phone number on one little sign up sheet, to make one little batch of cookies for the PTA sponsored, parent/teacher conference dinner. I reasoned, semi cute new principal, always good to collect a few "brownie" points (cookies... brownie points...ha! it's a little pun) with the principal. Then there was the whole homeschooling conversation with said principal when I pulled #5 out, and suddenly he's not so cute anymore. But, of course, I'm getting called for everything, could I help with the safety fair, could I bring Scotcheroos, could I bring more Scotcheroos!

Dang Scotcheroos, I knew they were the "crack" cocaine of the Rice Krispie treat universe, which is why I had never made them nor collected the recipe. Now I'm stuck, I have the recipe, I have to make them and try them just to make sure they taste good, I have to make enough for my boys, don't want them feeling left out. "Thanks for the addiction!" I snarked at the PTA lady today as I handed off the plateful of Scotcheroos for yet another PTA sponsored, parent/teachers conference dinner.

"Sign one little PTA line, they'll call you every time"

Here is the recipe for,


In a medium sauce pan combine:

1 cup Karo syrup
1 cup sugar

Bring to a boil, boil for a minute or so until sugar is melted, be sure to scrape down sides of pan.


1 cup peanut butter

Mix well.

Pour over 6 cups Rice Krispies

spread in greased 9" X 11" pan

Melt 8 ounces of chocolate chips, and 8 ounces of butterscotch chips in microwave, spread over Rice Krispie bars. Cool, cut, eat and eat and eat, resolve to go on sugar fast tomorrow.

Just remember, "A Moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips!"

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mondays Muttered Mumblings

Well I now have the, "fastest computer in the house!" Thank you Adorable Hubby, #1 and #2, it also has a,"Kick butt graphics card so now you can be the best blogger in the whole world!" Are you all soooo jealous? Uhh no not really...yeah me to, I just don't know enough about technology to be suitably impressed.

Even though I'm now the best blogger in the world I believe I'll save all the amazingly creative posts I've though up while being upgraded and go visit some of your blogs.

Night all!

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Our Family