Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Inspired by You Wednesdays

The blogger I choose for inspiration this week blogs over at Momma James (see my side bar under family). True to her title she is my Momma and just began her own blog this week.

There are so many ways that my Momma inspires me, mostly though, it's the eternal service and unconditional love she exemplifies.

Momma is the biological Mom to 11 children,which explains why she's underwhelmed with my seven. I am her oldest so have benefited the longest from the wisdom she has knocked lovingly instilled into each of us. My Mom has 51 grandchildren (she would be scandalized if I forgot the grandchild by marriage) with one on the way and one great grandchild on the way.

My Moms, Mom was a quilt maker, everyone of her grandchildren had a quilt made by Grandma. My Mom has continued this tradition with a passion. Not only does each of her children and grandchildren have a quilt made by her but many of our friends and their babies (did I mention there are 11 of us), many of our spouses family members (that's 10 more) and their babies, every new baby at church, and hundreds of quilts made and donated to humanitarian projects all over the world.

This year for Christmas I started two quilts for my two big boys. Like most of my sewing projects I could see exactly, in my minds eye, what I wanted but had no idea how to get there. I began ripping denim and but that was about as far as it got, my Mom came to my rescue and did it for me instructed me every step of the way. Now here is the inspirational part, she gave me all the credit. To her, they are my quilts I made by me for my boys. Pretty amazing huh?

This has been her pattern my whole life. Now here is something even more inspirational, she comes to me and asks for my help with the things that she taught me to be good at,no not sewing, talk about reinforcing what you teach. Wow! Here's hoping I'll be half as amazing a Mom as she is.

Thanks Mom, for inspiring my life.

By the way her Birthday is on the 30th. She loves Hershey Bars with almonds!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Toothsome Tuesday

Sun Dried Tomato Chicken and Veggies

In Pyrex Pan layer chicken breasts enough for your family, I cook them for 25 minuets because they are usually frozen still, due to my mad organizational skills, when they are about half done I drain the chicken juice off then add the veggies.
fresh spinach (it cooks down so pile on lots)
shredded carrots
and sliced mushrooms
Cover liberally with Kraft Sun Dried Tomato Dressing.
Cover baking dish with foil.
Bake at 350 degrees, for 1 hour or until chicken is fully cooked.

Serve over rice or pasta.

This recipe is a favorite of mine.

My #6 says, "why does it smell so good but look so disgusting?"

No, my children are not spinach loving freaks of childhood nature, I scrape the spinach off their portions.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Mondays Muttered Mumblings

Leaving the house at 8:30 on Sunday Mornings with everyone dressed in church clothes and fed is killing me.

Yesterday Adorable Hubby requested Baked Beans for dinner. I wasn't up to making them so #2 took over. I began suggesting a list of ingredients he should include. #2 rolled his eyes at me and said, "Mom, I've watched enough Rachel Ray to know how to make baked beans!" Thanks Rachel...I think.

Today we all played Hookey from life and went up to the open house for the new Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As we pulled off the freeway Adorable Hubby told #1 he needed to turn right at the light. "Yeah, but what if you're left-handed?" Said 3# with a smirky little grin. The Temple is beautiful, and what a delight to spend the whole day with my Adorable Hubby and amazing sons.

I'm sure it's safe to say that skinny jeans were not designed with my err... Goddess? body type in mind. This morning however, I saw walking talking evidence that you can actually be to skinny for skinny jeans. Poor little thing looked like a Levi Strauss clad stork.

And finally thanks to some awards given me by some sweet blogging friends.

A Mahvelous Monday to you.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

January Waning

January, fickle month, dangling enticing offers of indelible change.

Two faced God, turning pious wants, guilt laden passions to life of dearth.

I am being, eclipsed by futile doing.

I cling to your promise, curse your passing, evidence of my failure.

When surrendered to February love, indulgence excused in romantic promise.

Healing love lit days lengthen, spring tantalizes, summer beckons.

I repent sweet January, patient teacher, loving friend of present being.

Tis not your dark cold I fear, but my unrealized whorl.

This is known as the Hidden Galaxy, isn't it beautiful.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Throbbin' Thurdays

I have almost, not quite but freakishly close, achieved the height of blog cheesiness. You see I have nearly every day of the week associated with a cheesy title that alliterates with the name of the day, hmm, can alliterate be used as a verb? So, for example Mondays are Mondays Muttered Mumblings, triple alliteration, such clever literary skills. Toothsome Tuesdays, Inspired By You Wednesdays, Sundays Sabbath uhh, stuff? (haven't thought all of them through quiet yet). Any who, one can see where this is headed, yes, today the blogging muse touched my creativity bones and I came up with a theme for Thursdays.

To explain, I believe it's normal to develop crushes on anything from people to flavors, to ideas. Let's face it being a Mom can get pretty routine, a numbing blur of carpooling, laundry, kids, cleaning, laundry, homework, cooking and laundry, these little infatuations add excitement and spark to the day-to-day routine. So, Thursdays are Duly Dubbed, Throbbin' Thursday, I'll post about whatever little crush is making me feel like a real woman, adding some zing to my week.

This week I'm totally throbbing on Mr and Mrs Nurse Boy. I found them from comments on a site I was reading, the name Nurseboy caught my attention, once I saw the picture of The Mr and Mrs, as they call themselves, and their three darling children it was instant infatuation. Now that I've tried some of The Mrs. recipes and discovered we both have a thing for vacuums; and, laughed with The Mr. as he battles fearsome possums and takes on persnickety neighbors; well, it's a full blown bloggy crush.

Don't worry Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy, no need to file that restraining order you're most likely considering just about now, by next week I'll probably have moved on to cream cheese smothered in Kiwi Habanero Jelly on Wheat Thins, I'm fickle that way.

Happy Throbbin' Thursday!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inspired By You Wednesdays

This is my 200th post! (Bells! Mad Clapping! Fireworks!) I'd like to thank the academ...wait that's the wrong speech...I'd like to thank my sister-in-law Tiffany...there we go. Tiffany inspired me to begin blogging about a year-and-a-half ago. Tiffany thanks so much for inspiring this journey of exploring my soul through writing and recording my experiences.

This addiction habit, of looking at my life from the perspective of someone reading about it, has given me a new vision of myself, my emotions, my husband, my children and my mortal journey. Each moment, has become more important then my incessant guilt over the past, embracing what each moment is, has quieted the spinning speculation about an unrealized future. What peace and joy there is in fully embracing each precious experience of my life in the moment it unfolds.

My sister told me that I come across, "all Zen like", in my blog, "not at all what it feels like to actually hang out amidst all the high intensity comings and goings of the real thing", she would add . I know what she means because as I visit your lives through your posts you all seem so, "Zen like", even though I'm guessing you feel like a crazy person most of the time, just like me.

I look forward to visiting each of you, reading about your day or week, laughing at your humor, nodding along with your rants, aching for you in your trials, celebrating the moments of your wonderful lives. I hope as you read my posts that you receive a portion of the joy I receive from each of you.

Thank you for your comments and interest, thanks Tiffany and all of you. YOU INSPIRE ME!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cruel Woman

I admit it, I'm a cruel woman. Having lived with men my entire life, exclusively for the past 20 or so years, I am hyper-aware of the protective feelings they have for their...ummm, you know, boy parts (giggle).

So last night when #7, zipping up his sleeper, doubled over and yelled, "It hurts! It's got me! It's hurting me!" I should have called upon my tender mother love and handled the situation with concern and sensitivity.

Instead, cruel female creature that I am, I started giggling like a twelve year old in the male undies department at K-mart.

"It's not funny Mom, you're mean!" #7 glared at me, he cuddled to sleep with Daddy!

"Yes, #7, I am mean, a mean cruel woman, giggle."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Debunking Birth Order

They say birth order effects many aspects of our lives. Oldest children are more intelligent, middle children are conflicted, youngest are manipulative and needy. My children seem determined to challenge the best labels of modern psychiatry.

#5: You're a big baby. (As he is chasing #7 through the house)

#7: I am not a baby. (He vehemently defends his big boy status.)

#5: You are to a big baby( He catches #7, fist raised.)

#7: I am Mom's baby, you can't hurt me. (He cleverly adapts the label to fit his needs.)

#5: You are not a baby! You're a big boy and I'm gonna punch you for bugging me! (Ah ha, big brother can re-label on the fly too.)

Hmm, obviously neither one struggles with intelligence, the fighting would indicate that both of them are conflicted and they each have mad manipulation skills...

One things for certain, all the sibling rivalry and birth order issue confusion is gonna put me into therapy.

Hope we all survive the next three months of stuck in the house, winter weather.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Inspired By You Wednesdays

My blog is in transition until Cutest blog on the block gets back online and I can find a background I love. I did choose some Valentines colors for you which I must say look stupendous with the orange blogger logos. I'm such a techno idiot, sorry.

Todays post is inspired by each of you who recognizes the hand of God in your lives and blogs about it. It is also an invitation to pray for our family as we strive to follow the hand of God in our lives.

At our church Christmas party I was asked to read a story of my choice. I grabbed three books, two popular stories, The Grinch and the Night Before Christmas and one of my favorites called Room For a Little One. I ended up reading this sweet simple story of a stable who's occupant a large cow, welcomes each little one that shows up looking for warmth and a place to be comfortable. The last visitors are a donkey, a man and women who gives birth to 'The' Little One.

I've mentioned before in some of my posts that we have a neighbor boy who has a difficult home life and spends a lot of time with us. He has been a part of our family on one level or another for the past 7 years. A week ago his Mother placed him back in state custody even after being told that the state would not seek reconciliation and that it would be a permanent decision. After prayer and much discussion Adorable Hubby and I are seeking a Foster Care License so that this 'Little One' can come into our home.

Some of Adorable Hubby's struggles over the summer may affect the decision of the licensing board. So, I'm asking for your prayers that the Lords' will be done in our lives and in the life of this child.

Thanks for being the kind of friends that inspire me every day your posts remind me that we all have room for the Little One who bears our sorrows, heals our wounds and binds us to Him and to one another in love.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Toothsome Tuesday

I've promised two people this post so far so I'd better hop to it. It's a recipe I concocted all by myself after reading an article on the benefits of dark chocolate, an article on organic coconut and one on the benefits of nuts. Ha! I read three articles on eating healthy and come up with a desert, a pattern I'm beginning to notice in myself after these forty some years, that may have contributed to my never making the cover of Cosmopolitan.

Healthy Little Clusters (wink, wink)

1 bag of Dove dark chocolate bars.

Unwrap and melt in microwave safe dish, 2-5 minutes, stir after each minute, It just barely needs to be melted.

Mix in:

1 cup shaved, organic coconut
2 cups nuts (your favorite nut or nuts, whole or slivered, or crushed how ever you like them)
2 Tablespoons flax seed (optional)

Drop by tablespoonfuls on to waxed paper. Cool till set. Enjoy guilt free unless you happen to eat the entire batch in one sitting...not that I've ever done that or anything. Store in covered container.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mondays' Muttered Mumblings

To begin, I must confess that I was a bed wetter, Adorable Hubby was also a bed wetter. Yeah I know, falls under the label of 'too much information', oh well, if you're horrified try putting your fingers in your eyes and saying la la la... 'cause it's gonna get worse folks! It's Monday!

Sunday morning around 7:00 am I was curled up in bed trying to get every minute of sleep possible before 9:00 am church. Suddenly I realized I wasn't dreaming the sensation of a warm stream of water spraying me in the rump. I got out of bed pretty quickly but it was wayyyy to late. I was soaked, so soaked that I wondered for a moment if I had actually suffered a flashback to childhood and wet myself.

If anyone out there has any suggestions on how to handle a bed wetter I'd love to hear them. This little guy is 6 and we have tried everything, from restricting liquids in the evenings to getting him up every two hours for a bathroom trip. Overnight diapers help of course but don't address the larger issue of his not being able to relax and empty his bladder until he is curled up safe and warm against Mom or Dads' back or warm and safe in his own bed.

We are very gentle with him considering the genetics and all; but are starting to get a bit desperate. Suggestions, anyone.

Friday, January 9, 2009

You know? That Stuff!

#7 came home from pre-school with a picture of snow. We were all amazed at how realistic it looked and how it felt soft and fluffy just like snow looks and, I suppose, would feel if it weren't for the cold and wet thing.

How did you make your snow picture? We asked #7.

"I taked glue and that," he searched for the "stuffs" name.

"You know, that stuff Dad uses?" He wrinkled his nose pursed his lips to one side and rubbed his cheek.

It was such a cute and obvious pantomime of Adorable Hubby applying shaving cream that we got it right away.

I've tried to capture him doing it on camera, but either my computer sound is off or my camera isn't working so I don't know if you'll be able to hear anything. He does the original wrinkled nose pursed to the side lips, sign on camera only after some coaching.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Inspired By You Wednesday on Thursday, (Just how my week is going)

Todays post is inspired by Octamom's (find her site in my blog role) Octamom is an amazing writer and photographer, a mother of eight hence the name and a blogger with a large following who takes the time to make thoughtful comments on others blogs.

Octamom mentioned that she was inspired by a fellow blogger to think of a word or phrase that would become her Mantra for the year. I thought that was an inspirational idea so I've been thinking of a word or phrase.

My word for 2009 is, drum roll please...LIGHT.

We come to this earth from light and almost immediately begin to be weighed down by the dark and heaviness of this earth. I have felt that weight and have cloaked myself with that weight. It is time to awake and walk in the light of the son.

2009 is my year of light.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Toothsome Tuesday, A Day Late

Recipe For Mominsanity.

Take seven picky boys and one meal preparer.

Add 21 meals per week.

Toss liberally with snacks.

Coat with murmuring and complaining.

Mix in a temperamental Adorable Hubby appetite.

Bake in a to small kitchen.

This is a side dish at nearly every meal served at Boy Home.

Last night I made chicken legs from a recipe on Mr. and Mrs. Nurseboys site. I served it with rice and green beans. Simple yet appetizing, no? I made a plate with all three items for each of my youngest. When dinner was over this is what I discovered.

# 5 had eaten his rice but left his chicken and green beans untouched.

#6 had eaten his chicken leg but left his rice and green beans untouched.

#7 had eaten his green beans but left his rice and chicken untouched.

I could have just made one plate for the three of them.

MOMINSANITY our favorite nightly side dish.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mondays Muttered Mumblings

This morning, after hugs and kisses dire threats and grumpy urgings , everyone was off to or back at their school schedule. In the few minutes of quiet Adorable Hubby and I finished the 1000 piece puzzle that our family has been working on since New Years Eve! Too our amazement all 1000 tiny little pieces were all there, I had found one piece of an otherwise completed section while cleaning up the playroom last night.

This is a busy time of year for any Mom, I also have a calling at my church that requires a significant amount of planning and coordinating this time of year. Then, there is dealing with the inevitable stress that we women put on ourselves with goals and plans for being the person we always judged we should be but have determined we're not. I learned a thing or two from fitting the fitting of little pieces into a hectic New Years schedule.

My puzzle fiend, #4, had put together the border of this cityscape puzzle on New Years Eve, then, there it sat for a couple days, a border and a jumble of pieces. I sat down one morning and began gathering pieces that looked like they might be a part of a giraffe. "How hard could it be to put together a giraffe?" A lot harder than you'd think, it turns out. I sat and stared at giraffe spots, I twisted and adjusted but just couldn't get any part of a giraffe. I gave up and began noticing letters that slowly came together to form a sign. And so it went I'd choose something that looked easy struggle, get frustrated then notice a piece or two that fit for something else.

My boys and some of the neighborhood boys would help a little here and there. Many times I'd come back to find the section I had painstakingly gathered pieces for finished by someone else. Then other times I would find a pile of pieces and finish someone else's work. We all had different methods and different approaches yet in the end all all 1000 pieces and different methods came together to form one amazing picture.

Such is life, we each work together coming and going starting for one, finishing for another, until it all comes together to form a picture worth framing. There was an instant of joy and pride in being finished with the puzzle but mostly a desire to keep going or start another one. I guess, as with most things, the joy is in the process, the journey, not the result or the destination. I'm really trying to quit looking at my life as a bunch of pieces and a misshapen border that is never going to come together the way I picture that other lives have.

I'm really trying to remember that the puzzle fiend in my life is the Lord and that he is always near, gathering little piles of pieces for me to work on and that though I can't see the whole picture because I'm to focused on the parts that are as yet still unplaced, my life is coming together as it should and in the end all of the pieces are known and will form an amazing life picture.

Our Family

Our Family