Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Back...Hack,Cough, Wheeze, Kind Of

On August 31 #2 came home from football practice collapsed on the couch for a couple of hours then woke up with a 103 degree fever and congestion from hell, sorry no other word works.

The next day I recognized the tattle tale announcement call from the High School. Only it wasn't telling me #2 had missed classes that day. Instead, it was an announcement that there were several documented cases of H1N1 flu (Swine Flu) at the High School. Really.

So for a month now various members of Boy family have dropped like flies.

On the 15th at 9:45 PM I was celebrating a day well multi-tasked, not a frequent occurrence in my life. I was just finishing up the dishes when things started disappearing, like my ability to not cough every 3 seconds, and my comfortable 98.7 body temp. Eventually I lost my sense of smell, my household maintenance skills, my voice, bladder control, the ability to breathe without pain, and control of all the little messers that live 'round these parts. For a couple days there I just freakin' wanted to die.

Things are slowly coming back, bladder control had better hurry it up, 98.7 is back, I can breath without much pain if I keep it shallow, I cleaned the kitchen Sunday. And, to the chagrin of the messers, my sense of YELL is back.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts! And, get your Piggy flu shot, you don't want this bad boy.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hacking and Burning

Quick, clap your hand over your mouth and nose. Now, back slowly away from the computer screen. With your other hand grab antibacterial wipes, Lysol or straight undiluted bleach will do. Wipe down that monitor, mouse and keyboard, wipe out your eyeballs, wipe those germy thoughts out of your heads. ''Cause folks, you don't even want to chance getting what Boy House has got.

I miss y'all back soon!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Never Fails

If you wake up and put on a grungy old t-shirt and sweats, go for a run, come home really stinky and do a little yard work, mud and grass stains, then the dishes, wet belly, and If your hair is really awful and you opt out of putting your shoes back on before dropping your youngest off at kindergarten.


You'll have to pry him out of the car, carry him in past all the cute little mommies and daddies kissing their first little child good-bye while your stubborn baby of the family repeats over and over, "I'm SO not going to kindergarten today!" at the top of his lungs.

Then you'll have to sit, looking suspiciously like a homeless person, for 10 minutes at the door by the, "Quick good-byes leave dry eyes!" sign so he doesn't run out and head for home, again.

Never fails!

Our Family

Our Family