Friday, September 26, 2008

Just Another Manic Friday

Today was a Nearly Naked Manic Housecleaning Friday. This is not a cute little event involving a French Maid's costume a fluffy feather duster and a lot of giggles. No, this is more like, 'Oh no someones off their meds, wearing nothing but a tank top and ratty sweats, how far should we let her go before we call the, "men in the little white coats".

This is not a day when a loving Mom smilingly encourages everyone to work together to accomplish the few chores that didn't get finished during the week. Nooho, this is a day when everyone runs for their life suddenly remembering random errands that take them far away for a long, long time. Those unfortunate enough to be left at home cower in dark corners hiding from the maniacally muttering woman lifting couches off the ground with one hand as she slaughters hapless dust bunnies with the other.

Is it the full moon? High tides? The last day of the week to accomplish anything? No one knows for sure, but we're all very, very glad when date night begins and Nearly Naked Manic Housecleaning Friday is over.

Ow Ow Woooo!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday on Thursday

Some of the blogs I visit do a post called Works For Me Wednesday. Each Wednesday they think of something, a cleaning, tip, recipe, attitude, activity that works for them and they share it. I'm not the greatest at blogging for sure each Wednesday but I like the idea so here goes my Works For me Wednesday on Thursday.

I've been in the middle of a Holly Homemaker frenzy making jam. A few years ago my MIL gave me a recipe for Raspberry Apricot Jam. This is a great way to use up apricots because most people prefer Raspberry Jam to Apricot and this is the best Raspberry jam ever.

I made 35 pints with apricots earlier this year and my boys go through it at the rate of a jar a boy a day or something so when my little neighbor across the street began bringing me his windfall peaches I got to thinking. Apricots are round, orangy-yellowish fruits and peaches are round, orangy-yellowish fruits sooooo. I have been cutting out the bruised parts and making jam.

Here is the recipe.

7 Cups of apricots or peaches. Apricots just need washed and processed in a blender or food processor until finely chopped. Peaches need to be peeled then finely chopped.

2 Cups Raspberries I use the bags of frozen raspberries.

7 Cups sugar

mix all of the above in a large pan and bring to a boil, stirring constantly, stir and boil for 20 minuets then remove from heat and stir in a 6 oz box of Raspberry Jello. Pour into sterilized canning jars, wipe off rims grab flats that are sitting in a pan of very warm water on your stove place on jars and tighten rings. Next place jars in a canner or tall pot, cover with 2-3 inches of water bring to a gentle boil and boil 20 minuets. Remove from pot and set on cupboard to cool and set. My favorite sound in the world is the plink when the jars seal.

This is the best Raspberry Jam ever, it's easy and it works for me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My boys have been up to their usual hijincks, some of them are really dang cute.

Adam is fully immersed in the 4 year old super hero stage. He has developed an evil laugh which he uses indiscriminately for bad guys or good guys, whoever has the upper hand get to take advantage of the bwahahaha. Today he came in with two toilet paper tubes shoved down the back of his batman underwear, "Now I can fly," he announced,"because I have rockets."

Jeremiah celebrated his thirteenth birthday, I have three teenagers living in my house @@. I caught a picture of my, oh so cool little stud trying out his new Airsoft gun with his best friend Tommy and brother Ben.

When we came home from a football game tonight we found the three youngest had built a go cart using a box, tape and the wagon. I think they did a great job and was pleased that they included not one but two shoulder harnesses; I guess safety week is paying off. Just don't tell anyone that three minuets later Isaac got mad at Joseph and tipped the whole thing over with Joseph in it. Isaac then took the box part out to the slide and turned it in to a sled.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tag I'm It

Whitney at Baby Tunnel Exodus tagged me; so, since the creative juices are being sucked dry by homework, football, and my insane schedule, and because the world can never know enough about MEEE, here goes.

Attached or Single? Attached to Adorable Hubby Richard and my seven fascinating, and also adorable sons.

Best Friend(s)? Adorable Hubby is my dearest truest friend. My incredible, awesome friend Suzie is next followed closely by oh so many family and associates that I am blessed to call close friends.

Cake or Pie? Yes! (Oh and Whitney I want that stellar recipe for Andes Candy Pie)

Day of Choice? Friday, no school the next day, a date with Adorable Hubby and for some reason I have made this my accomplishment day, I get lots done on Friday. (Last Friday I made 16 pints of jam)

Essential Item? Water, Figi please or there's this new brand, the name of which eludes me at the moment, that is from Wales and comes in a very cool bottle. (Yeah, Yeah, I realize that I'm putting tons of money in the pockets of some dude filling up bottles at his kitchen sink somewhere.)

Flavor of Ice Cream? Star Bucks, Mocha Java Chip drizzled with caramel, if it makes it into a bowl that is.

Gummy Bears or Worms? Black Forest Gummy bears if I must. Whitney I found those neon Orange Circus Peanuts which Adorable Hubby adores for .50 cents a bag yesterday, bought 6 bags of them.

Hometown? Orem, Utah

Indulgences? Pedicures! Temporary tattoos!

January or July? July, fire works and watermelon baby!

Kids? Jacob, Joshua, Jeremiah, Benjamin, Isaac, Joseph, Adam, Seven amazing boys from 17 down to 4 years old. Can't imagine life without a single one of them.

Last Movie I Saw In The Theater? Mamma Mia, here I go again. Ah Ha how can I resist Ya... Yeah, the people in the theater didn't appreciate me singing along either.

Middle Name? Lynn

Number of Siblings? eleven, I'm number one

Oranges or Apples? Caramel apples mmmmm!

Phobia or Fear? OK, this is a tad bit embarrassing, I'm terrified of... pigs, what? they freak me out. I also can't hear three words with out gagging and no I won't even think them let alone type them.

Quote? I like Disney movie quotes, my favorite two are from Cinderella, "Even miracles take a little time." And the penguin caper movie, "What's the Penguin Motto? Never roll in Bisquic and hot Oil?"

Reason to Smile?
I am blessed to see the handiwork of God in all of life's little tragedies and happinesses.

Season? Let's see there's Football Season and Baseball Season. Hmm...I'd have to go with Football season.

Tag 5 More:Amy, Cori Ann, Cathy, Heather, Hanna

Unknown Fact About Me? I pick my toenail polish by the color name that appeals the most on the days I indulge with a pedicure, last color choice was, Naughty.

Vegetarian or Carnivore? I like thick, crusty bread with meat and veggies in it I guess that makes me a vegebreadivore.

Worst Habit? I have a mean little voice in my head that makes me feel guilty about every thing and that I'll never be all I should be. My worst habit is listening to that voice.

Xrays or Ultrasounds? Umm, this is an odd question. I would change it to Xylophones or accordions? Definitely Accordions, there is nothing more frustrating then trying to plink out a tune on that Fisher Price Xylophone.

Your Favorite Food? YES.

Zodiac? LEO, I'm a lioness Grroowwl.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Darndest Things

My boys have been coming up with some pretty funny things lately so I thought I'd share.

Benjamin, age 11, had a rough draft of a 6 page report on asteroids due. Because of so much time spent at football he was concerned about having enough written to get it handed in on time.
"Benjamin, you've done enough, a rough draft is just handing in everything you have done it doesn't have to be perfect its a rough draft!"
" Well maybe that's how rough drafts were in your day ... "

It's official I'm old enough to have my own day.

Recently, Adorable Hubby discovered a sugar free fruit punch that has become the latest addiction in our family; it's sugar free tastes great and is inexpensive. He quickly figured out that each of our boys would go through a gallon a day if we didn't have some rules so the rules are as follows.
1. It's Dad fruit punch if you want some ask Dad.
2. Your glass must be 3/4 full of ice before you can fill it with fruit punch.
3. Don't mix any fruit punch with out asking Dad.

Benjamin added a forth and final rule.
4. When mixing fruit punch don't sniff the powder, it smells good but a big whiff will make you cough and sneeze and make your boogers red. (apparently Ben and Miah found out the hard way)

A couple Fridays ago we took our three little boys to Wingers for dinner. They were having a hard time focusing on eating for all the distractions, TV's, waiters, people coming and going. Finally Adorable Hubby bribed them with a promise to share his Asphalt Pie if they ate all their food.
Isaac: Dad, I don't know if I want any Ass Hole Pie.

I'm with you Isaac, I think we'll let Dad eat that tasty treat all by himself.

Jeremiah loves baseball he is an excellent first basemen a decent hitter and can play any position including pitcher in a crisis. He likes football but at heart I think his first love will always be baseball. The other day while we were at Joshua's football game Miah called to see how things were going.
Miah: Who's winning Mom?
Mom: The other team.
Miah: What inning is it?

Yeah, I think at heart he's a baseball player.

Driving in the car with the three youngest age 4 to 7, over the radio we hear the unmistakable first gong of ACDC's Song Hells Bells. From the back seat all three little voices say in unison, "Oh I love this song, turn it up".

They know most of the words too... darn those teenage boys and their musically 'stuck in the 80's' Daddy.

But best of all was our Adam, as Adorable Hubby and I were driving to Costco discussing what staples we were low on or out of, Adam chimes in from the backseat, " Mommy, we all out of tocolate!"

Amen Adam, this is a four year old with his grocery priorities straight.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Public School Endorsements, Not

I thought Kindergarten was supposed to be the highlight of a child's' public school career. Two and a half hours, of art, games, stories, snacks, a little math and writing with an oh so sweet teacher, it doesn't get any better than that. Apparently my boys don't agree.

When #5 was looking forward to Kindergarten I thought he would be the child who begged to go early and stay late he was so excited for the first day of school. Day number one we dropped him off he was happy and eager. When we picked him up he told us about his teacher and all the fun things he did the same on day two excited to go looking forward to learning. The third day we pulled up in front of the school and he asks, "What am I doing here again?"
"You have school Sweetie!" I reply.
"If they think I'm coming here every fricken' stinkin' day..." It's been a 'barrel of fun' getting him to go ever since.

#6 is a different child, he thinks everything through. He is serious and stoic about nearly everything. We had discussed Kindergarten with the same seriousness most seniors approach their last year of high school.
"Mom, next year when I'm in Kindergarten what exactly will I be learning?"
"Mom, do you think I will need to make better B's before I start kindergarten?"
"Mom, Grandma taught me my numbers, I don't think you're working with me enough."
I didn't think we'd have the same excitement but I did think he would appreciate the regular schedule and consistency of kindergarten.

#6 Went the first days with out reporting much; so, when we drove past his school on errands one day and he asked "Mom, do you know what the best thing about that school is?" I was expecting a well thought out and touching observation.
"What's the best thing about your school Joseph?" I asked.
"Leaving it every day!" He replied with the slightest snide smile.

"Sigh." Maybe #7 will be my sweet and adorable kindergartener.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm Back

Wow, almost a month since my last post. School began almost a month ago is there a connection hmm, this is my fun new schedule.

5:30 AM wake up, stress, worry, doze and watch the clock until I need to wake up the first group.

6:45 AM Wake up #1,#2, #3.
#1, "Jacob wake up", no movement. "Jacob time to get moving", nothing. "Jake now!" eyes open rolls over to face wall. "Jacob, now!" mumbles, "ok", thirty minutes later staggers up stairs.
#2 "Josh, wake up", he opens his eyes looks at me, looks at the clock gets up and gets ready.
#3, "Miah wake up", I rub his legs and arms, "Come on sweetie time to get going".
Eyes open wide he stares, "What?" he asks.
"Time to get ready for school"
"This isn't working for me", manic stare continues,
"Umm, what isn't working for you?"
"Morning Mom is it time to get up?" Seriously folks, I don't know who I wake up in the morning but for at least 30 very long seconds it's not Jeremiah.

6:50 start a load of laundry, promise myself I'll get the laundry done today.

6:55 Begin lunches, 18 slices of bread, half a jar of peanut butter, jam, a bag of carrots, seven mini chip bags, (let's see Jacob likes BBQ or Cool Ranch Joshua wants...forget it) and 7 frozen Gogurts to maintain cool, homemade, freshness.

7:05 pour cereal, or make toast for # 2 and #3. Ask #2 if #1 is moving, attempt to translate mumbled, muffled reply into yes or no, (#2 talks about as much as #1 moves in the AM).

7:10 Hug #3 good-bye.

7:15 #1 staggers up stairs, shoes in hand, hair, well, we've agreed to disagree on the hair, it's a rebellion I can live with.

7:20 #1, #2 head out to the car, I stand outside in bare tootsies to supervise the backing out. #1 glares at me from under his mop of hair, not trusting any aspect of his driving skills is the height of parental betrayal.

7:25 Clean up from lunch making and breakfast.

7:30 Head out on walk, I need to cover three miles, stretch, and get in a few sit ups or lunges, or push ups, by 8:15 when it starts with group two.

8:30 Come in from walk, pee (very important if you've birthed seven children)

8:35 Wake up #'s 4, 5, 6, and 7

8:36Answer questions.
#4, "Can you help me with my homework?"
"Yes, dear last night when it's supposed to be done I can help you".
"Mom, I had football".
"Groan, hurry and get dressed I'll help you."

#5 "Do I have to go to school today?"
"Growl, No dear it's a special little holiday just for you and I woke you up so that you won't miss a single minute."
"Do I have to wear clean clothes?"
"Do I have to stay at school the whole day?"
"Do I have to eat my lunch?"
"Do I have to eat that for breakfast?"
"Can you pick me up after school?"
Last year I actually tried to logically, lovingly answer these questions... @@ yeah, I know.

#6 Mom, is it a school day?
"OK!" He rolls his eyes in unspoken disdain at whomever came up with the five days a week schedule.

#7 "I loves you Mom, I has my school today?"
"Yay! I loves my school". Aww, that makes the whole morning worth it.

8:38 -9:12 "Get Dressed, eat, finish your, homework, leave him alone, eat, get your shoes on, get dressed, turn off the TV, eat, where is your homework, how many times do I have to tell you to come home eat a snack and do your homework? I don't know where your shoes are do I look like a closet? leave him alone, get dressed, eat, get in the car, get in the car! did you get your home work, did you grab your lunch, where are your shoes, we're late, why didn't you finish your homework and find your shoes last night? quit touching your brother, yes you have to go to school! no you can't come home after lunch! Good bye, love you have a super day?" Exhausted sobbing.

9:15 We're alone for three whole hours, in our own home, for the first time in 17 years! Alone with nothing to do but...3 sink fulls of dirty dishes 17 loads of laundry, mow the lawn, wash walls, vacuum, pay bills, blog, you get the picture. We're only alone on Tuesdays and Thursdays but ohh the joys of ignoring everything and canoodling with Adorable Hubby.

11:30 Shower, dress.

12:00 pick-up #7 and #6,

12:15 Lunch, ahhaa, I made them a sack lunch I have never felt so brilliantly organized as when I pull out their pre-made lunch and hand it to them. I even make Adorable hubby a sandwich.

12: 30 Begin calling friends so # 6 will quit pestering me with, "Who can I play with?"

12:35- 2:30 chores, bills, errands, mommies work is never done.

2:30 The first group comes home, minus #2 who is at football.

2:35 The kitchen went from clean to catastrophe, and #3 needs his afternoon counseling session. I hear every detail of seventh grade life and we go over what homework he has and how he is sick of football and how his brothers are mean to him and how he is the only one who cleans up around here @@!!, OK I do somethings.
3:05 Counseling session ended by hungry little brothers.

3:20 Get snacks for #1, 3,6 & 7

3:45 #4 & #5 come home. They need hugs and a snack. Trying to get a snack for #5 goes something like this.
"Do you want a sandwich?"
"A burrito?"
"Cheese and Crackers?"
"Hot Dog?"
"Pop Corn?"
" No"
"Ramen noodles?"
"Argh, what do you want?"
"OK, I guess I'll have a sandwich"
"Umm, so the first thing I ask if you wanted."
"I didn't hear you!"
If I'm still giving him more then two snack options next month, shoot me!

4:00 Clean up from snacks and start dinner. Dinner must be done by 5:00 because thats when football starts. This also begins the nightly Did you get your homework done chant.

5:00 Gather boys, send friends home, eat.

5:30 Send #3 and #4 down to get dressed for practice. Can't clean up yet #2 isn't home from his football practice.

5:45 begin yelling at #4 to come on because he's going to be late.

5:50Yell at #4 to quit watching Sponge Bob and get his water bottle.

5:53 Fill water bottle and march #4 out to the car.

5:55 Leave for 6:00 O'Clock football practice in Lindon, the next town over.

6:05 Drop off #4 yell at him to run because he's late.

6:06 Watch #4 wander over to his team.

6:07 #3 begins the hurry I'm going to be late chant.

6:08 Head back across town to drop off #3 at 6:30 practice.

6:20 Drop off #3, he's the first kid there. Pick up #2

6:25 Return home

6:30 Feed #2 and clean up dinner.

7:00 Go down and change that load of laundry I started this morning, resolve to get all the laundry done tomorrow. Ha!

7:30 Sit down, watch whatever Adorable Hubby is watching on TV.

7:45 Leave to pick up #4

8:00 Wait 15-20 minutes for coaches to finish talking. Wonder if coaches are speaking English.

8:20 Leave to pick up #3 across town.

8:30 Phone rings, #3 is waiting.

8:33 Phone rings again, #3 is getting anxious.

8:35 Phone Rings again, #3 is still waiting.

8:36 Pick up #3.

8:45 Arrive home and begin the get to bed chant.

9:00 Make snack for hungry football players and little ones who refused to eat dinner four hours ago.

9:30 Get #5, 6 and 7 washed up in jammies and in bed.

9:45 Clean up kitchen again send #1,2,3,and 4 to bed.

10:00 Collapse next to Adorable Hubby on couch.

Now factor in three football games a week, Scouts for #1-4, therapy for Adorable Hubby, couples therapy, church responsibilities, friends, holidays, family get- together's, birthdays hair cuts. Wow! loving our oh so busy life.

Our Family

Our Family