Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This boy, #2, football stud, adventurer, intellectual, sweetheart.

And, in my favorite picture...

Received his mission call today!

Mexico, Leon

He'll be leaving us December 28th for two years of studying and preaching the glorious message of God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ to the people of Mexico.

Our hearts are full to running over with the goodness of God and his beloved Son...and our beloved sons!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Just as my house was about to sign a contract with Better Homes and Gardens to appear as the centerfold in their, "Decorating with SWIMSUITS" issue... it's two weeks from school starting. Acckk!

Just as we were diving into the first page of those summer workbooks.

Just as my skin has gone from blinding white to...traffic stopping red, sigh!

Where did the summer go?

Maybe if I share some summer pictures with you I'll remember a few of those glorious, sun filled days...

Ummm, this is it! My one summer picture, a bunch of scouts at day camp, pretty sure my kidlette isn't even in it.

Feel free to nominate me for Lame Mom of the Summer!

off to take a few pictures!

Our Family

Our Family