Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Man

21 years ago today Adorable Hubby, who at the time was just Adorable, picked me up at 6:00 or so in the morning so we wouldn't be late to our wedding ceremony which was at 10:30. The little old ladies at the temple rolled their eyes a bit when we walked in at a quarter to 7:00 and sweetly informed us we had 2 1/2 hours to kill.

Not a problem, I just never get tired of time with this incredible guy.

Adorable Hubby quickly found that the wildly impetuous, tattooed, tank top wearing, good time girl he thought he'd married was actually a prim and proper homemaker with a 'sweet' personality and a lot of guilt...wait, flip that around. (I haven't got the tattoo yet Mom so quit being scandalized)

I on the other hand got just what I bargained for. The cutest, sexiest, lovingest, man a girl could ever hope for.

My top 10 Adorable Hubby favorite personality traits.

10. I can, and on many occasions have, asked him to be my best girlfriend. He loves shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond, maybe even more than me. He will consult with me on cute clothes, can pick out the cutest shoes ever, he'll gossip, read people magazine and I'm thinking any day now I'll convince him to get hot pink glitter toes to match my lime green french ones.

9. He indulges my little addictions. Tank tops, tattoos, sandboxes, coffee ice cream, black licorice, Cadbury, pedicures, plants, boys...

8. He's a talker, a unique and amazing trait in a man, I'm pretty sure we'll talk ourselves to death in some old folks home somewhere, and they'll make a movie about us...or not.

7. He's a cook, steak sandwiches, Mtn. Dew potatoes, BBQ, root beer, mashed potatoes, breakfast burritos are some of his specialties. And cooking for 8 sons doesn't intimidate him.

6. He loves my toughness and treasures my tenderness.

5. He makes me laugh!

4. He's a big cry baby. Likely as not a tender moment will end with Adorable Hubby crying about the moment and me crying because he's crying.

3. He can't keep his hands off me...enough said.

2. He has always seen me for who I really am, even when I didn't know myself. He has encouraged, defended and even battled for the real me, and against the toughest adversary any man could ever face a woman who is learning to love and accept herself.

1. He honors me. There is nothing about the role, and true nature of womanhood that he doesn't delight in. I am free to be every amazing beautiful thing a women is when I choose to beloved of him.

Thanks Adorable, for picking me up so early that morning, for being the best Hubby ever and for killing the last 21 years with me.

I love you!


Mummy McTavish said...

sniff, sniff, so sweet.

Happy Anniversary you two... I think you're BOTH adorable!

HT said...

Happy Anniversary. Such a sweet post. Kuddos to you lady keeping up with eight guys! Wow!! I'm a new follower.

Barbaloot said...

Happy Anniversary! (a day late)

But 2 1/2 hours early?! Wow...and I thought I was OCD about being on time:)

Kristina P. said...

What a sweet post. Happy anniversary.

Just Us said...

Happy Anniversary! Sometimes it does feel like we are just killing time, doesn't it?! Mark and I have killed almost 6 years, with not much to show for it! Congrats to you and your 8 boys!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!!! Happy Anniversary to the both of you!!! What a sweet couple you are! Adorable Hubby sure knows how to live up to his name, doesn't he?!

Mrs. NB

LeShel said...

I am finally caught up on your blog! So MUCH fun. I freaked out about your anniversary post because MY anniversary is July 7th. Although we can only claim 15 years together. I can't believe we share the same wedding date. Let that be a lesson to anyone out there wanting to someday have a daughter. Pick a different day!

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