Friday, October 21, 2011

Slip, Sliding Away

At the thoughts of warm summer breezes slipping into fall you may...

Grit your teeth,



look around dazed and confused,

or grab a pair of shoes, cuz it's gonna get cold up in here.

You may be one who throws their arms up and goes along for the ride.

Whatever it is you do...

Love it!

Because so many of you asked, this is the sliding rock in Alpine. Suz and I took the boys and Lil a couple weeks ago. It's a gentle hike up and lots of fun, COLD though! I recommend a warm summer day rather then a cool autumn evening. And thanks to the random guy who took pictures of us, there were a couple shots of me with significant skin showing significantly, poor guy!


Barbaloot said...

Is that at Payson Sliding Rock? I went there this summer with some friends and loved it:)

Adams Family said...

Yeah, where is that? Looks like a blast. Oh yeah, It is getting cold and I am very pregnant...but maybe next summer when I have lost 75 lbs.

Kristina P. said...

That looks so fun!

Cowboy mom said...

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

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