Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today I love my friend Paul!

He's married to my friend Mandi!

They have 4 adorable children.

Today is Paul's birthday!

Happy Birthday Paul!

Stuff I love about Paul.

He can whip a room full of primary children into a singing frenzy.

His socks don't match.

He will let an eleven year old Downs Syndrome child climb all over and kiss him. It's both cool that Paul will let him and that the child recognizes Paul's heart full of love. (And it is a heart full of love even though I suspect I'll be mocked for saying it quite that way)

He's a drummer. Not that I've ever heard him play, we're going to have to fix that.

Paul hasn't succumbed to the sad belief that being an adult is proper and important and all that crap. He still walks barefoot in the rain eating a Popsicle.

Paul is a great writer. I'd send you to his blog but that would out Mandi's blog and I promised. Plus after reading the amazing birthday post he wrote for his wife it would make my birthday posts seem lame. So you'll just have to trust me and keep believing my posts are wonderful.

Then there's the beard, love that beard!

But, I think my favorite Paul quality is how much he loves his wife and children and pretty much everyone.

Paul, thanks for being a friend!

Happy Birthday!

Funny side note. For my birthday last year Paul made me a CD. He thought it was a dumb gift. Great, because now that CD is stuck in the drive of my blogging computer and is my only choice, besides Blue Oyster Cults Greatest Hits, for blogging music. It wasn't a dumb gift, it gave me a little glimpse into who you really are (we really should talk about that one song) and it's funny that it just keeps on giving and giving. Besides it came with Almond M&Ms and Kettle Corn which makes any gift amazing.


Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Your friend Paul sounds like a great man. Happy Birthday Paul!

Suz said...

Hey tell Paul happy birthday! Since I can't go to their blog and do it. Argh...

Boy mom, you never cease to amaze me. You are blessed with the ability to see and know people for who the are.

Beautiful post.



Montgomery Q said...

That's weird that you cant tell people his blog. He sounds like a great great man.

And that gift sounds really lame. Maybe this year he'll be more thoughtful.

mandi said...

Yep, that's Paul! How do you do that?? Encapsulate a person so succinctly? You are one amazing friend. And your gift is just plain CRAZY AWESOME!! You've really upped the bar on birthday gifts. YIKES!

We also need to give your mom a serious THANK YOU!!!!!!!

LeShel said...

I like this Paul guy

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