Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I've never posted about the girls (If I have to explain it you should just stop reading now)

This morning I staggered out of bed to rouse my sleeping sons. Yesterday was a school holiday and returning to a regular schedule is always difficult. Now, on a normal weekday morning #2 is up and gone before 5:45 AM, #3 and #8 need woken up at about 6:45 to be out the door by 7:20, I usually am up around 7:20 to take them to school, Adorable Hubby gets up around 8:00 - 8:30 which is the same time that I wake up #5 - #7 to get ready, fed and out the door by 9:10. Whew!

This morning when I returned from taking #8 to school I heard the shower start and knowing that Adorable Hubby had an early meeting I followed him into the bathroom, stripped down to what God and chocolate gave me, then playfully grabbed one of the girls, peeked her around the shower curtain then waited for Adorable Hubby to notice.

A moment or two later #5's eight year old voice said, "Mom, if you want to get in the shower I'll be out in just a minute."


I made a significant donation to the therapy fund, I'm sure that will take a session or twelve.


Kristina P. said...

Eeeeek! He would have been scarred for life! Haha.

Cori Ann said...

I'm laughing so hard right now that I think I may never stop! :) I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog. I especially like the part about what God and Chocolate gave you... too funny!!! Pour #5... I hope he will recover.

S'mee said...

Oh. Sweet. Mercy!
I stopped reading the post about three minutes ago, but I'm still giggling! LOLOLOLOLOL!


Seriously I'll stop. Or not! LOL

O.k. gaining control.
sort of.

I began laughing at "What God and chocolate gave me." and man, when I hit the punch line...whew!

All I want to really say is that the therapy fund will indeed rise as all the kids grow older. At least it did in our house. Sorry.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Where do I begin???

First of all... what God and chocolate gave me... will be used by me for the rest of my life. Seriously, you are a genius!!!


Love ya! Thanks for the laugh!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I don't know what to say. I am horrified and somewhat intrigued at the same time. I would love to get greeted by a dancing "girl" in my shower. One of my mom's dancing girls? I think I just threw up a little.

Mr. NB

LeShel said...

gotta say loved the what God and chocolate gave me. Perfect!!

Your poor son. I'm dying for him right now... and laughing. At least now you'll be able to pinpoint where it all went wrong.

ha ha ha

i'd love to hear what hubby has to say about this one.

Cori Ann said...

Yes, I'd like to know what your adorable hubby thought also... do tell! It's been a whole day since I first read it and I'm still laughing about it. I read it to my hubby last night and he got the laugh of his life. :)

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

I too love the reference of what God and chocolate gave me. LOL Therapy fund: another LOL. What a funny post. I too wonder what Adorable Hubby thought of this??

Yes we are moving back to St. Louis at the end of May to start a home missions church in the inner city. Here is the link to the post that explains the whole thing:


You make me giggle bloggity friend.

Jenny said...

I tried to comment yesterday but the website was being weird. I just knew something awful was coming about half way through your blog. It gave everyone over here a good laugh.

Suz said...

Good heavens woman, you'd think you would of seen whos clothes were on the floor,or are all you just running around naked?

I am sure you are more traumatized than #5.

I have some meds and more chocolate if you need them to recover.

Thanks for the laugh. I am sure you needed it too.



Ruby Red Slippers said...

That is just too funny!!

Anonymous said...
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Just Us said...

I was laughing so hard about this I had to read it out loud to Mark! We are still snickering about it! Oh the trouble the girls can get into!

Mummy McTavish said...

Don't you hate it when the girls go rogue!
Okay, I first read this in the wee morning hours and i missed the vital section where you waggled one of the girls around the curtain... I drifted back to sleep thinking "at least he didn't see anything". Then in the light of day my brain cleared and I though... "if he saw nothing then it doesn't really make sense, I'd better read it again" and I just about died.

When #5 marries you had better have a chat with his wife so that when this incident comes up in conversation (and be assured, it will) she can laugh about it and not totally freak out!

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy but my favorite part was #5 calmly saying, "If you want in the shower I'll be out in a minute." LOL. Sounds like he wasn't even fazed!! Your house sounds like ours. We have 2 bathrooms but only one gets used and it's very communal. I usually have an audience of at least 2 kids (along with the cat) during every shower and/or bath. The bath is the best b/c they are just STARING at you and then think they need to comment on everything about you naked. Your boobies are big mom. Your tummy is big mom. Your belly button holds a lot of water mom. Can I come in mom? PULLEEEEASSSEEEE mom? I'm taking off my clothes so no matter what you say I'm coming in mom........

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