Monday, November 8, 2010

As Easy as Off a Log

This has been an easy fall.

Downright balmy for our lil' old state. Saturday I watched a little girl ride by on her scooter, bare-footed, dressed in shorts and a tank top, it's November in Utah, and it made sense.

And, Ohhh the jump on thankfulness, in this thanksgiving month, when the temperature stays warm enough that no one, gets frostbite at a football game.

But, now that football is over and turkeys are plumped, the green leaves and growing grass is getting old.

I need crisp fall mornings, and evenings that make necessities of hot soup and hot chocolate and long, blanketed cuddles.

So, this morning when Maxine, the most put together, say what she means co-worker ever, told me to enjoy the weather I was expecting another sunny, balmy day.

I smiled at the rain, at Maxine's sarcasm, and walked slowly to the car. At home I took my time falling asleep and woke to the sounds of rain on the roof, the smell of wet leaves, wet boys and new rubber rain boots. Ahhh sensory heaven!

I was so inspired that I put on a pair of warm sweats, a hoodie and... flip flops?? And went to get a... pedicure??? Wha???? I know I'm a nut when I'm operating on too little sleep, I have cute fall colored toes though...the inside of my boots will appreciate them.

Now, I have a fall confession to make.

I have a set of Halloween tree ornaments and...I know, Turkey Day tree ornaments. I was so inspired by the blustery fall weather that I convinced #6 and #7 to hang turkeys and sunflowers on the tree. They made sarcastic little comments like, "What are you going to hang on the Christmas tree next, Mom, Christmas stuff?"

Another fall confession, I made pies, pumpkin and apple, and I didn't share with any friends or neighbors. Not even my Mom. I have a little streak of pie stingy going on 'cause I don't really make pies; but, when fall weather inspires me to venture out of my baking comfort zone and it turns out this beautiful...I promise they were just like this, well that's when I make a cup of something warm and steamy with an extra scoop of cream and I imagine I live life out on the open road. My home is

an airstream trailer, my kitchen table a truck stop cafe', pie and country music is a meal and a change of seasons is just a few miles down the road.

So fall, if you're really out there and today's' rain and cool wasn't a brief interlude in an endless summer, hurry up already, I wanta rake leaves and buy socks and put away the shorts and eat turkey and bite into a frosted apple.


Kristina P. said...

We've moved from summer, right into winter! :(

Barbaloot said...

I'm gonna miss the warm days---but there are few things better than my mom's chicken stew on a cold day and I'm definitely looking forward to that!

If you ever do decide to share pies...let me know:)

sheree said...

That pie is beautiful and so are you! Have a great day! :)

LeShel said...

pumpkin pie, YUM!

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