Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Santa,

How are ya, Big Fella?

Recuperated? Rested?

Good, Good!

Say, remember the last three years we've had that little post-stocking-filling discussion about super sized boxes of Christmas Nerds, that festively colored, fruity little treat that I did not want to become a Christmas tradition?

Hmmm, well, one of us forgot...AGAIN!

I'm not tossing blame around, it's just that there are half eaten boxes of Nerds lying around everywhere, spilling their tasty little nuggets of Christmasy cheer, into couches, onto counter-tops, carpets, and beds. And, what with someone bringing THREE buckets of those little plastic army guys...

So, for next year when your magical mind is figuring out how to fill those ginormous stockings that seemed like a great idea back in the day when there were only four of them, 8....not so much, think beyond the FRICKIN' NERD'S!!!

Uhhmm, let's not have this little conversation again, Mmkay?

Love ya tons!!

Boy Mom


Kristina P. said...

Hey, any tradition is a good one!

Boy Mom said...

Kristina, apparently you've never had a semi-permanent Christmas Nerds tramp stamp 'cuz you missed seeing the little buggers on the couch before you sat down to watch that movie Santa left in your stocking.

If I'm going to explain a tattoo I want it to be the earthy, organic one I got at Painted Temple (that's where the goth kid at Burlington Coat Factory told me to go) not a macabre Nerds smiley face.

Mark said...

an edible tattoo? What a great idea! Your hubby will love it.

Barbaloot said...

At least you got to him early before all the other moms put in their requests:)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

You crack me up! Santa always brings us chocolate that goes straight to my hips... I keep telling hime that I don't want to look like the next Mrs Claus!

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