Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celebrate Boyishness

It's my first night back in my bed after 7 nights of work and where am I? Cuddled up toasty warm next to Adorable Hubby? No!

I'm wide awake, wrapped up in my fuzzy blue bathrobe, Blogging and my toes are freezing.

So, what better time than now to begin my boy advice column?

My first bit of advice is this, Celebrate Boyishness.

I am the only thing even remotely pink and girly around here so my transition into the celebration of manliness has been forced rather than chosen. But choosing it daily, especially each time I walk into the bathroom, goes a long way toward making my life with boys joyous.

There are many variations in the mind and thinking process of boys and girls; and, you really don't need me to explain this. Every woman that spends time with men has a moment each day where she holds out her hands in question, as she shakes her head in confusion, "What the...was HE thinking??" She wonders.

It's not what he was thinking, Dearie, it's how he was thinking. He was thinking with his man brain, and thank the good Lord for that!

Look, I'm a girl, I've been thinking with my girl head for many, many years. The last thing I need is for my single minded, single tasking, stand-up-pee'rs to start emotionally, hormonally, maniacally multi-tasking, every decision. I've got that handled, thanks!

I remember listening to my Mother-In-law, helping her little granddaughter get ready for a family excursion. "Now why are you crying?" Mom-In-Law said, clearly she was at the end of her patience.

"I just want to do it all by MYSELF, Grandma!" The little whisp of pink stubbornness sobbed, dramatically.

I realized a huge difference in boys and girls. As a mom to many boys I have never heard, "I just want to do it myself!" I have heard, "I can't do this, you do it." And, I've heard, "I can do this!" But the sobbing demand , "I Want to do it MYSELF" never.

Celebrate those difference ladies, our husbands and sons help us put down some of the overwhelming pressure we put on ourselves to do EVERYTHING ourselves. Our beautiful boys remind us that thinking like a girl and being a female is not the only way to live life and that the, my way or nothing mentality robs us of peace and stresses the crap out of us.

We are born with our Male/Female differences for a reason. Rejoice in those reasons, delight in the differences, celebrate the simple complexity that is the manliness of your LITTLE man.

And that cute BIG man in your life? Celebrate his manliness too ;)

Tadah! The first boy advice post.

Feel free to ask questions for upcoming boy raising posts? Please!


Barbaloot said...

I've never thought it was so much HOW they were thinking as it was they just WEREN'T thinking. At all.

Kristina P. said...

Love it. I used to be a tomboy, growing up. But now, I celebrate my girliness and let Adam do all the manly things he wants.

Nonna Beach said...

That was a great post !

Having 4 boys and 1 girl, I can really relate, especially how the lines are drawn in disputes, girls vs boys. I was grateful to have a female around to condole with every time we lost a battle and to revel with, when we emerged victorious. We each of us bring value to the table but trying to meld that into a happy situation for everyone can be hard !

Gill said...

Hey stranger!! Its me...

but i have moved....

(long story... ) Missed you.. I would love to tell you all.. but dont have an email for you. Loved the post BTW! Hugs

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