Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Future Is In Good Hands

When we began the Junior and Senior years of schooling with our sons we decided that we would purchase each of our boys a Ninth Grade Yearbook and a Senior Yearbook. A Yearbook, for future generations who communicate with technology installed at birth and have never heard of paper or books or for people living under a rock who venture out only to read my blog, is a book filled with pictures of all the students in the three or four grade levels at your particular school and pictures of teams, clubs, and activities shared by students during the school year.

When our Graduating Senior High School student brought home his year book last night his dad and I were eager to look through it. It's fun to see what his friends wrote in it and to look for pictures of him.

On the first page right next to where he had written his name, boldly, in marker, was a little note with a signature.

Good times in football.

Joshua Smith

"Uhhhhhmmmmmm??? Why did you sign your own year book?" I asked.

"I thought it was Bryant's".

"You signed right next to your own name?" I questioned gently.

"I know." He nodded at me reassuringly.

Should I be concerned?


Kristina P. said...

Snort! Love it.

Jenny said...

Lol! Oh dear! I'd say something mean about the school system at the risk of sounding like mom, but I don't want hoards of people freaking on me. ;)

Adams Family said...

I like that kid.

Blue Cotton Memory said...

Love it! Boys are Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...


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