Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WANTED: A Wedding (But I'd Settle for a Good Camera)

It's June 21st, Summer Solstice! It's my favorite day of the year. The day of Greatest light.

It's also the day my backyard screams, begs, whines, and cries for a wedding. One of those celebration, of an impossibly beautiful romance fraught with drama and angst, weddings, a really big wedding, amidst the roses and clematis, the columbine and ferns (think the meadow where Edward and Bella shared their first kiss (Yeah I've read 'em all, don't hate!).

For years I've pleaded with couples planning marriage, or couples who had enjoyed a first date and may potentially marry one day or random strangers who would look good in white; but, yet again, the wedding begging wondrousness of my back yard is unused...sob! Is it because I don't have a water feature?? (I watch too many garden shows)

To make me feel a little better I wandered through my back yard in scrubs and a tank top soaking in the sights, sun and scent. I took a few thousand pictures for you to enjoy only to realize that my camera is on its last pixel and that I desperately need a new one. #1 son's camera broke, #8 needs a camera for his mission and #2 son needs a camera too. So if you're listening, God...Cannon...I'd really like a wedding; but, I'll settle for a camera.

Blue sky, roses, sunlight and solstice! Ahhhh!

Adam and Eve started the whole naughty gardening thing, I'm just keeping with tradition.

So delicate. I think these are my favorite roses.

Clematis and Columbine.

Can a garden ever have too many bird baths???

Or enough frogs??

Shhhh, he's my favorite!

These flowers come up every year, they get me tons of compliments, yet I have no clue what they are nor do starts grow for people I've given them to.

A cluster of flowers amongst the grape leaves.

I heart Hostas!

This is a picture from earlier this spring. Love the mix.

This picture is me trying to capture the pollen on the legs of the many bees that were buzzing madly in these flowers. Ummmm...ok, if you look closely you can see the bee.

Even if it is my camera giving each picture an Edenesque glow you should still be impressed.

I dare you to not smile!

I ask ya, where's a bride and a cake when you need one? Maybe I can find a sparkly skinned, bare chested vampire to lip lock with...;)

Wrought iron and flowers, sigh!

This picture is my favorite, love the bird house in the back corner. Thanks for walking through my backyard and sharing a bit of solstice with me. Feel free to send brides and or cameras my way.


Kristina P. said...

I would definitely have a wedding there!

Suz said...

I'd bring my camera over, but it isn't much better. Maybe we can find a 2 for 1 deal.

Why does Clematis and Columbine remind me of VD and shootings? I've planted clematis twice and it never grew. (thank goodness)

Your yard/garden is as beautiful as you!



LeShel said...

I want a wedding there!

Jenny said...

I wanted to get married on the summer solstice when it fell on a Thursday. Well, THAT didn't happen. So next year it falls on a Thursday again. If I miraculously meet someone I'll have my reception there. That is if I don't just run off and elope. ;)

Nonna Beach said...

Wow, beautiful back yard ! I always wanted an outdoor reception but sadly had to settle for one inside ( August wedding )

If you put in a gazebo and lattice backdrop, you'd be in business for sure !

Blue Cotton Memory said...

Looks like you need to get your sons to sign a contract that ALL weddings will be at your house!!! Yes, I smiled at the frog smiling at me! And, YES, I love Hostas! Your garden is beautiful!

Adams Family said...

Maybe that is a bell flower or balloon flower, but what ever it is it bugs me that we don't know. I can't wait until my yard has big overgrown flowers like yours. Yours looks gorgeous. I would LOVE anything that has good starts.

Techno Grandma said...

If you really want a wedding why don't you have Jenny kiss one of those darling frogs. That should do it.

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

I love your backyard!!! Beautiful!

For God, Country, Family said...

You may never read your back log of comments but just wanted to say I wish we lived closer together so we could share starts. I love gardening too. Moving all the time is not the best thing for that. But at least I'm learning about what grows in many different zones. This year I'm experimenting with a green house. Only frustration...I'm moving again next summer. Happy Birthday!! Hope you got your camera.

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