Thursday, February 2, 2012


So many things to catch up on.

December: Sick Boy Mom, dang nose, and lungs, much empathy for sinus/asthma sufferers everywhere. Missionary number three headed out on the 28th, many hours and dollars of preparation during a very busy month but he LOVES it. Christmas sat in bins and boxes until a near Adorable Hubby meltdown. Presents were simple kinda, #2 wanted to give his brothers a going away XBox 360 and TV, we split the cost and his brothers were thrilled.

Boy Mom and #2 at the Salt Lake City Temple.

January: No snow. More sinus crud, seriously? OK I get it, be nice to sinus sufferers, enough already. Christmas finally put away after a near Adorable Hubby melt down, poor, patient man. Managed to sprout the live Christmas tree which creates a dilemma, I just can't throw a living breathing plant out on the street. Three missionary letters a week and packages for meds, and holidays and birthdays is taking over my life. Broken dryer, broken dishwasher, limping along washer, broken microwave. Where the crap is the snow?? I love snow!

Sprouting a Christmas tree has been a secret goal of mine for years. Makes the saying, "Be sure you want what you wish for", take on new meaning.

And now for your reading pleasure...

A Conversation With #7.

Scene1: Boy Mom and Adorable Hubby's bed for a 5 minute cuddle before bedtime.

Players: Adorable Hubby, Boy Mom, #7, #6, #5, the dog.

Mood: Boy Mom has seriously called for silence, it's half-an-hour past bedtime and the 5 minute cuddle has lasted 20 minutes.

After 4 minutes of silence...

#7: It would be really great to be a balloon...

Boy Mom Adorable Hubby, #5, #6: ??

#7: ...until you POPPED!

Boy Mom: (covering up a laugh) Shhhh

#7: Of course you wouldn't have hands so you couldn't eat.

Boy Mom: Fortunately balloons don't eat much.

#7: Duh! No hands!

#7, #6, #5, Boy Mom: giggle, chuckle, snort.

Adorable Hubby: Alright, everybody into their own bed...chuckle.

Scene 2: Next morning wake up time.

Setting: Boy Mom and Adorable Hubby's bed, #7 has wandered back in at some point in the night.

Mood: Frustrated Boy Mom, #7 complains about school every morning.

Players: Adorable Hubby, Boy Mom, #7, the dog.

#7: I'm not going to school, I'm sick, I have no friends, my teacher hates me, I'm too tired...

Boy Mom: Hey, #7, last night I dreamed I was a big yellow balloon and I was really hungry because I didn't have any hands. But, then you came along and fed me...

#7: ??

Boy Mom: ...With a FORK.

Boy Mom, #7: Giggle, chuckle, snort.

Adorable Hubby: Really? I'm trying to sleep here...chuckle.

#7 is really into balloons lately. I think being able to weight a balloon so that the feet actually maintain proper anatomical alignment is kinda cool. However, it's really creepy to have a green balloon with anatomically correct feet wandering around your house.

Good to be back.


Cowboy mom said...

Chuckle, SNORT Giggle, Glad to have you back!!

Barbaloot said...

He could be Boy #8:) The floating part would be nice, but I'm pretty sure the odds of popping would outweigh that.

Techno Grandma said...

Maybe #7 will have to make me an anatomically correct balloon to keep me company when I'm home alone.Yellow please! I don't have to feed him do I?

Mummy McTavish said...


In all honesty I haven't read any blogs for months but I decided to look around tonight to try and inspire myself to get back into it... I just about wet myself with excitement (I'm like an excited little puppy when I'm pregnant) when I saw one from the most awesome mother of the boys.

Tip for next year... You've achieved your goal of sprouting a tree, now you can buy a faker and be done with it. Never worry about it's proper care and feeding again!

Suz said...

I say# 7 has got his school science projects in the bag.
I love the of you & # 2.
Here's to happy healthy sinuses.

Jenny said...

So...You're keeping the Christmas tree up? ;)

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