Thursday, July 4, 2013

At 2:00 AM on July 4th Shouldn't Traffic Lights Be Red, White and Blue?

Yes, for the past three years I have worked the graveyard shift seven nights on and seven nights off; but, going to work at 9:00 PM and working until 7:00 AM in a brightly lit office has yet to conquer the mystery of 2:00 AM Brain.  I forget this though and every two months or so, in the dark of my bedroom, 2:00 AM Brain takes over, and suddenly I need, make that MUST, get out of the house.  Where do 2:00 AM Brain and I always end up??

Walmart. Of. Course.

Why?  Because, 2:00 AM Brain believes this makes good sense.

2:00 AM Brain wonders why I never decorated a bed room in Hello Kitty.  Cute, plentiful, cheap?  Have I missed my shot at a Better Home and Gardens article. Wait, don't I have a lot of sons? Some boys like Hello Kitty, right?

2:00 AM Brain thinks the entire family needs patriotic tank tops for July 4th...matching.

2:00 AM Brain is fascinated with Pez Dispenser Collections.  Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Bat Man... so many choices.


2:00 AM Brain wonders if the brain in 2:00 AM brain should be capitalized  every time or just part of the time or not at all.  2:00 AM Brain is wondering which friend wouldn't mind waking up to discuss the finer points of capitalization.

2:00 AM brain gathered all the ingredients for these super cute eagle cookies except the frosting.

2:00 AM Brain thinks we had better go back to Walmart for frosting and for plants because there may be a couple empty pots in the back yard, and for another look at Hello Kitty stuff, so cute.

2:00 Am Brain doesn't worry about anything scary at Walmart at 2:00 AM but it is terrified of making more then one eight foot trip into the house with Walmart loot. So it makes sense to gather all ten bags and pray the double bag on the ginormous bottle of Banana Peppers holds.

"Wow," you say.  "Is there anything 2:00 AM Brain can't make sense of?"
 Well, since you asked.  2:00 AM Brain is a little confused by traffic lights.  If the light is red but there are no cars coming the other way can we go or should we stop?  Usually there are other cars around to drop little clues. At night traffic lights are really bright and bossy.  If no one sees you turn left on a red light did it really ever happen?  Hmmm, sadly 2:00 AM Brain can't make sense of  everything.

Despite its challenges with traffic lights, 2:00 AM Brain thinks it would be a shame for you to miss out on it's brilliance so 2:00 AM Brain decided it made sense to create a blog post..

Happy July 4th! From 2:00 AM Brain and Boy Mom.

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smadamom said...

Now be there a lot of difference between 2:00am brain and 2:00 pm brain?

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