Monday, July 8, 2013

Lose Yourself in Nature

This is my friend Suzie. We are standing in front of a map at the Big Springs trail head. The map is a bunch of squiggly green and tan lines also known as a topografical map. On the map was an arrow and one helpful direction, "You are here".

It has been a few years since I  hiked to Big Springs, thirty few years. My memory was a bit fuzzy. Some more helpful directions on that map would have been nice. Like, listen to the kid who says I think we should take this trail, despite being whiney he's right. Or, when you are two miles further then the Big Springs .2 miles sign, heh hem, you've gone too far, might have been nice. Also, you are going to have to dodge rain drops and psycho bikers, might have been a tinsy bit more helpful then, "You are here". Just sayin.

Still, the Utah mountains were gorgeous, the wildflowers were blooming their heads off, the kiddos adorable, Big Springs (when we finally found it) was a fun memory, and time with my best hiking buddy was awesome. Oh and the son of one of the counselors when I went to Camp Big Springs many years ago wandered the mountains with us. He's the fellow in the blue shirt.

So if, "YOU are ever HERE", it's a gorgeous hike, veer to the right, look under each bridge for trolls and bring your own directions cuz the map, well...


 Looking for the Grumpy Old Troll who Lives Under the Bridge...from Dora the Explorer.  Since I'm the Map, I'm the Map, I'm the Map... didn't really pay off.

 On the trail.  Love all the cute hiker bums!

 These berries were yummy looking but we didn't eat any.

 This meadow was sprinkled with Milkweed puffs.  So Beautiful.

I can't ever remember seeing so many varieties of wildflowers in bloom, but none compared to our gorgeous Miss Lilly!


 I have this thing for twisted, gnarly old wood.

 Aspens and wildflowers.

This creek is the run off from Big Springs.  You'd think that since we followed it most of the way up we could have found the source without a two mile detour.

We spent a lot of time looking for that Grumpy Old Troll and never found him....or did we??

We sure found a lot of cute little hikers on top of the bridge.

 This bridge.  Absolute darlingness.  I want to recreate this in my backyard in the worst way.  Let's see, bigger back yard, spring, moss, rocks, flowers, duoh!  I guess I will just have to come hiking more now that I know the destination.

The summer after 6th Grade I went to Camp Big Springs.  I remember the campfire logs and the sink (picture didn't turn out) I swear is the same one that was here all those years ago.  What a fun trip down memory lane. 

 Thistle flowers.  Oh Eeyore.....
We never remember to get the group shot before the hike.  I guess then you wouldn't get the walking sticks and the mud and the random strangers we pick up alone the way.   This guy was a lost as we were and is the son of one of the counselors from my Big Springs Days.  Too Cool!  
 We got dusty then rained on and that made for 12 muddy feet.  We made them eat, take off their shoes and shirts before they got in Suzie's new car.  
 And, homeward bound with our muddy hiking buddies.

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