Sunday, October 12, 2008

Homecoming, 2008

We had a 'first' weekend around here! Jacob and Joshua wrapped a poem around a rose and asked two great girls to homecoming. The poem was printed in fancy writing, burned around the edges and tied with ribbon around a long stemmed rose. The poem was oh so creative!

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I would be honored
to go to Homecoming
With you!

Creative, no?

The girls accepted with flying pigs and cupcakes, typical boys more concerned with their bellies then darling ideas decided that if the flying pigs had been bacon they would almost have had a complete meal.

We all worked together to plan the day and the menu. At one point during the meal preparation a helpful younger brother pointed out that going to Olive Garden would have been a lot easier. Thank heavens for practical little brothers, too bad he never speaks up until it's too late.

Actually it was delightful to have little brothers cleaning and helping. It was incredible to have a father gather every candle in the house to light, and take his boys out to gather tablecloths and black socks. No white socks for our boys at a semi-formal dance, we save the white socks with dress pants for Sundays. The very best part for Mom was having our Uber Picky! number two send "compliments to the chef" back with the cute waiters.

It was a joy to serve our boys and work together to make it a fun evening.
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Suey said...

Isaac's comment in our Primary lesson today about serving his brothers makes so much more sense now! He meant literally serving them! It looks like it was tons of fun.

Cowboy mom said...

Something to look forward to. Dances....sigh. All I can say is Without a doubt both the waiters looked awesome. Good, good memories.

Anonymous said...

So fun! And what a great have a fancy dinner at home complete with a wait staff. The boys, I mean men, looked VERY handsome and GROWNUP!!

Anonymous said...

How Sweet!! I'm very much looking forward to that, but am in no rush to get there. Does that make sense? Oh never mind me... I'm feeling way to sentimental about not needing Babies R Us anymore. LOL.

Blessings, Whitney

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