Friday, October 3, 2008


There's a reason that it's been a week since my last post, last Friday as I was manically cleaning my house I should have figured it out.

Thursday when I got teary eyed from looking at my jars of homemade Peach and Raspberry jam I should have had a clue.

Saturday when my achy muscles were carrying me to the Football Fund Raiser Breakfast, baptism, birthday party, Usborne book party, errands, Womens Conference, then more errands I might have noticed.

Sunday as I cooked a birthday dinner for Adorable Hubby, my famous Chicken Cordon-Blu and Chocolate Pudding dessert, went to choir practice and did primary sharing time in a feverish haze, I shoulda known.

I missed it, perhaps it's because usually when I'm coming down with a really icky bug I have a minute at the doctors office while my child is running wildly, between the fish tank and slide-the-bead thingy, suddenly symptom free that it occurs to me "I don't feel good at all, I think I'm sick".

Now this morning after more than a week of icky misery I am dealing with that ugly voice in my head telling me I am being lazy, that my house is a catastrophe (which it is) and that my two hour nap yesterday didn't make me better so it was a waste of time. I feel terrible, why can't I give myself a break and get better?

Because there are cookies to make for the PTA and parent teacher conferences and three football games and practices and girls to ask to Homecoming and dishes and laundry and bills and homework and....on and on and on.

I'm in a crisis here and I'm not whining for congress to vote me a bailout bill.

So all the hullabaloo about financial crisis and elections combined with my misery and schedule got me to thinking. We need a Mom as president not some lawyer, governor, patriot, congress member, a career stay at home mom with at least five kids close together. A mom who can balance a baby on her hip while making dinner. Create peace between a 4 year old and a five year old. Pay the bills on her husbands salary and squeeze out enough extra for music lessons, sports and the occasional family vacation. The women who serves at church on the PTA and takes care of her aging parents. She who can diplomatically arrange extended family dinners, and play dates with multiple friends of varying needs and ages. A mom who can speak twenty languages including little league coach, toddler, teenager and crazy neighbor lady. The women who keeps her husband happy in the bedroom and enjoys doing it. And she does it all sick without to much whining and doesn't blame some other mom when she messes up.


Adams Family said...

Phew, I thought you were announcing that you were pregnant at the first there.

Tiffany said...

I SO thought you were saying your were preggers at the beginning...don't do that to me...although...what a fun way to announce it if you were! And about the last part...amen, sista!

Cowboy mom said...

And amongst all of that, run the country. And succesfully, too.
That may be our only hope. We(very busy yet capable mothers) could all get our Husbands guns, which we really don't know how to use, and storm the white house. desperate huh.

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