Monday, June 15, 2009

Everybody Loves a Parade

The community where Adorable Hubbies parents live has it's town summer celebration the second weekend in June. We always attend since we lived in this town for years and because Grandma and Grandpa Take our kiddos on Friday night and keep them for a big ol' cousins sleepover then ask us to come watch the parade and join in a big BBQ. It's a fun tradition! And, really you can't call your summer complete with out at least one hometown parade.

So, just in case you missed out on the floats that make you go ahh! the entries that make you go Huh! And don't forget all that salt water taffy that the kiddies get to pick up off the street. Makes perfect sense to spend their whole lives convincing them not to eat stuff off the ground then take them to a parade and encourage them to fight for it. Any who, I took a few pictures so nobody misses out on the fun.

Pretty girls and great floats! What parades are all about!

The Three Musketeers waiting patiently for the next round of salt water taffy to be thrown. They pride themselves on being faster than the three and under crowd. That's #3 in the 'wife beater' and #4 in the backwards hat. Here's hoping "Gang Banger" is a phase!

No parade is complete without Ronnie on a golf cart.

Do you see what these flag twirlers are twirling. Pastel colored riffles? Apparently they haven't heard of Columbine.

Shh! A team of Draft horses and a butt suitable for Wrangler's is my secret fantasy!

So, if Smurf hair is your thing, call now! Bet they're booked through September.

Get your princess head gear here!

I know kiddies lets be in a parade today???? What the over organized mother does with the kids on parade day! Notice there is no advertising, no clue what entry 54 was promoting! But hey, one can never pick up enough free candy.

A giant onion! Nice!

Yo, Bicycle Dude! We're over here!

Ummmm! A UPS truck! Wow! Cause ya just can't see enough of those Big Brown Trucks on a normal day. I like that they added some colorful pictures to the side of the truck, you know, to add interest!

The loot!

The last entry in the ya think it's a hint????

The BBQ! We're not the most photogenic family ever.

Ahh, That's better! Our few little girls!

Hooray, your summer is complete! Just send me your address and I'll send you some salt water taffy!


Willow Tree said...

The last entry in our Memorial Day parade was the garbage truck too! Weird. Logical, but weird. We all sat around and waited a few extra minutes for the fire trucks, lol. Looks like a great day!


Mummy McTavish said...

Is it just me or does anyone else think that perhaps bicycle dude is dreaming of being harley dude?

I like that you had a nice view of port-a-potty lane too.

And what a cool onion... we just don't do parades here in Australia. Well, not like that with floats and lollies off the ground and stuff. How cool!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I think your parade was a bit fancier than ours. Yours had floats. Ours had trucks, pulling a trailer. If we were lucky. And, we got tootsie rolls and suckers. No salt water taffy.

And, where were your butt cracks, huh?

Next year I am coming to your parade, K?

Funny commentary!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

LeShel said...

I love this parade post. We always attend the American Fork Steel Days parade. This year we'll be missing it. TOO SAD!! You just can't get enough of that small town joy. Seeing your pictures brings happy memories.

Barbaloot said...

Parades are not my thing. Until I was 15 the only parade I ever attended was a small one in Wyoming. By small I mean it's 15 minutes long, there's an enormous amount of candy, and I know at least half the people in it. The first time I went to the 4th of July parade in Provo I thought I was gonna die it was SO long!!!!

But the BBQ definitely looks fun:)

Tiffany said...

this was a hard post for me. We feel SO FAR AWAY sometimes. Left out of the loop. Well, we are out of the loop. I wish we had thousands of dollars to come see everyone. :( Why can't SOMEONE be rich in this family!?!?!? Is that too much to ask? One way or another we are making it up there this winter.

Lynn said...

Oh, I loved that parade...and your family shots are great...what nice traditions and those few girls in your family are darling !

Techno Grandma said...

Thanks for the parade--Whew!!!That's over for the summer!!!

Suz said...

It was a nice parade, huh!
I wasn't so worried about the twirling rifes as I was the one guy doing the twirling. I bet he picked the colors, JK.

Mrs.Boy nurse was missing the crack. I sure glad you didn't get any crack from the lady pushing the princess hats, and gear.

Did #4 cut his hair?

That Girl said...

My mouth actually watered upon the words "salt water taffy."

When's July 4th?

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

I used to love our little hometown parades!! I miss them. I am missing them for my kiddos too. Thanks for the great pics!!

Deb said...

I hate attending parades but will gladly watch them on TV or look at pictures. Thanks for letting me enjoy the parade the way I prefer to- in the air conditioning.

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