Friday, June 19, 2009

What The... Friday, Things You Just Don't Wanta Hear

There are some things I just don't want to hear!

My #5 turned eight years old in May, he has always loved to play with my hair. Really loved it! Obsessively loves it! So the other night after a long day at work followed by parenting classes #5 needed some serious hair time. I was trying to finish reading a book so while I read, curled up on my bed #5 played with my hair. After a few minutes he asked me in a concern filled voice, "Mom, when was the last time you colored your hair?"

What the... Gray coverage tips! Just not something I wanta hear from my EIGHT year old.

I got the news from the blood work I had done when I started my job at the hospital that I was not immune to Mumps. Yikes! That means that unless I can provide documentation that I had the shot I have to get two, "stinging" Measles, Mumps, Rubella shots. Dang! I called my Mom, "Did I have a MMR shot when I was little?" I asked.

"Why?" She wanted to know.

"Because I'm immune to Measles and Rubella but not Mumps." I replied.

"Well, Ummm, let's see..." she slipped into Mom Memory Mode.

"I remember we lived in Murray... and that your sister was born and... No! You didn't have the Mumps shot, they didn't even have a Mumps shot back then. That was a long time ago!"

What the... I don't need my MOM telling me I'm getting old! And, Does she realize that, by association, she's getting old too?

The other night I was cuddling on the couch with #7, Adorable Hubby was sitting in the arm chair. I left to get something in the other room. As I came back into the room I ran my hand through Adorable Hubbies hair and said, "Hey Lover!"

#7 swept open the blanket we'd been sharing offering me my spot back and said, in his sultriest 4 year old man voice, "Hey Babe!"

What the... Sultry voices on four years old, not something I want to hear. Even if he is awfully
cute ;)


There is a walking/riding/biking path in our community that we often pass on our way from here to there. At a certain spot on that path lives a homeless man, he is always there somewhere along the path and had been embraced by the community. We often see people stop to chat or bring him food or give him a little money. Every time we pass him #3 shakes his head with admiration and says with great enthusiasm, "I love that Hobo!"

What the... #3 is just starting to look at career and life choices. I don't want to hear this career choice.


Tiffany said...

Why aren't you blogging regularly anymore? Leaving your bloggy friends/family out to dry, hangin', checkin' in every day for an update, leaving us all for work....WHAT THE?

Mummy McTavish said...

Mums, kids, grey hair, homeless folk, you've got it all covered today! At least you're keeping up with the quality if not the quantity... see, we're all out to make you feel bad that you're neglecting us, your bloggy following... sniff, left to fend for ourselves...sniff, sniff...

Heffalump said...

Ah...I certainly don't want to hear those things myself, but love hearing that you heard them!

Barbaloot said...

Oh, shots! I'm so sorry.
I'm jealous that you have someone that plays with your hair---even if they do comment on the color. I love when people play with my hair:)

Lynn said...

I never had mumps either and I have read recently that some children ( mine) when they were young, got the MMR that doesn't give you enough immunity ( if given at 18 months ) to one or more in the shot, but you don't know unless you are tested or get a booster at some point...kinda scary !

I never liked anyone playing with my hair, except my hair stylist !

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

The MMR is what they have been trying to link to autism. Here comes the group home. Oh wait, you already live there.


Suz said...

love ya!!!

I was just thinking today that I should ask you if you want to go grey with me. I am sick of coloring my hair. Then in a few years we'll start the BLUE hair color. ;)

All you other bloggy friends need to toughen up!!

Oh, so do you! I had to have the booster shot and I m not as old as you are......

Techno Grandma said...

I think I have a terrific memory for someone as old and decrepit as I am.!! Love ya'!!

LeShel said...

love the what the's!!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

It always feels good when your mom calls you old doesn't it?! Stinking Ten Comandments...Honor your father and mother...blah, blah, blah...


Mrs. Nurse Boy

Steph said...

That is cute!

Suey said...

Every time I see that "hobo" I wish I knew his story.

mandi said...

I'm missing out on the hobo. Where is he and why have I never seen him??

Anonymous said...

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