Friday, June 12, 2009


Ahhh! A day off, and first thing #7 wanted to invite his little friend Oliber (Oliver) over. As I listened to them play in the sandbox Oliver said, "I did that awesomely!" Great adjective Oliber!

I have worked full time for the past 4 weeks. after 18 years of being a wife and mother, wondering why Adorable Hubby came home at the end of the day and resisted going to play at the park or helping clean up after dinner or the bedtime routine. Or, better yet, asked me what I did all day (turns out I WAS watching Oprah and eating Bon Bons) I'm gaining some understanding into tired and finding a new found respect for those who work and parent full time.

I've always admired my friend Suz, she inspires me as she squeezes every drop out of each minute, reading and play time, hubby time and friend time all have a place in her busy working mom schedule. I'm learning that priorities make that all possible and that being a stay at home mom wasn't a guarantee that my boys, husband and friends were as high a priority as they should be.

Priorities are all about putting the things that truly matter most at the top of the list and letting lesser ranked activities go. I am not overly obsessive/compulsive when it comes to a clean house but I do like to keep up with the basics. Yesterday however, Adorable Hubby and I were a higher priority then a clean house so after getting breakfast made and chores assigned out. We slipped into the bedroom for a little quality couples time ; ) We enjoyed 25 delicious minutes of solitude before our youngest priority knocked on the door and called out accusingly, "You guys ALWAYS do this!"

Keeping up with my blog is also a priority, not only do I love chronicling our lives and wish I had captured more of the funny day to day comings and goings of our older sons; but I love all the friends I have made. So, were adjusting and reordering the most important things.

Out here in Boy Land, my priorities are growing up, I'm hoping they'll soon be off the pacifier and potty trained. And, I'm hoping to do it all, Awesomely!


Willow Tree said...

Awesomely said. It's hard in the beginning, aligning the priorities just right, but it's like you said, the ones at the top of the list just have to be let go sometimes. Glad to see the blogosphere made the cut my friend.


Mummy McTavish said...

Awesome post my friend, you said that Awesomely!

I don't know how working mummies do it... YAY for you going back after 18 years "off", that's a lot of re-adjusting to do! Then with special time to fit in for 8 others and feeding them and cleaning up after them... I stay at home, only have 3 "others" and I can't keep on top of it!

"I am not overly obsessive/compulsive" I must say I loved this line... is there a cut off point between being obsessive/compulsive and being overly so? Doesn't apply to me anyway, I always say that without houses like mine, no one would think the ones in 'Home Beautiful' mags were special.

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Awesomely. I love it!! Totally understand about the priorities and I look forward to your posts whenever you can come out and play. :o)

Lynn said...

Priorities change as our lives change and there's always something to gum up the works !

You ARE doing it all awesomely in my book !

S'mee said...

I love that he is learning a subtle lesson about mom and dad -and how "They always do this!": taking time for each other. Good job mom! (English majors please excuse the previous sentence)

Great post.

Heffalump said...

You are right. Sometimes I think that being a Stay At Home Mom makes me think I have all the time in the world to do things with my kids, and then I end up wasting the time I do have.

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

wow, every time I consider working (outside the home) I get pregnant. I hope one day I learn my lesson.

Do people ever ask you "are you gonna try for a girl?" I found out I was pregnant a couple weeks ago and hear this all the time "are you trying for a boy?" and no, we are not, -- I just think it would be funny if people still say that after you have 7....

You are an amazing mom, and I think it is awesome that you "do this all the time!".
with love,

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

That was well put.

Every so often I need to sit down and intentionally think out my priorities. It seems like the urgent seems to squeeze out much of the rest around here if I let it.

Blogging is also a priority to me and I have not been journaling near as much on here as I have wanted to. Tonight is a 'catchup night' and I'm glad I ran across your post.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I am glad all is going well. Sounds like everyone is adjusting. Great post! Great priorities!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

mandi said...

I always like it when Oliver works his way into your posts. :) Call me biased.

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