Monday, July 13, 2009

Mondays Muttered Mumblings

Little mistakes I've made this weekend.

First, I planned a family vacation in front of my kidlets. All I've heard since is...

"When are we going on vacation?"


"What day is Friday?"

"Wha... how do you answer,Umm, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!!" I count on my fingers.

"Ohh. So when is that?"


"Can I take my suitcase?"


"I'll go get it out and put my toys in it!"

"NO! Mommy will pack your suitcase on Thursday!"

"When is Thursday?"


Then, I told #7 that his birthday was this month.

"When is my Party?"

"Two weeks."

"How long is two weeks?"

"Well, first we'll go on vacation then..."

"When are we going on vacation?"

"Fri...Oh no! You're not dragging me back in to that conversation you're just trying to make Mom crazy!"

"Whahhh! Fine, you're not coming to my birthday party!" He runs off in tears!


Finally, I let Adorable Hubby convince me to ask a question at Home Depot. What was I thinking?

(Yes, I get that the acronyms for Adorable Hubby and Boy Mom are naughty and funny and kind of go together all at the same time...just like us, ha!)

AH: I'm going back to get some screen, ask someone where the DVD Player cleaner discs are.

BM: Don't we need to go to an electronic store for DVD Player Cleaner discs? I asked suspiciously.

AH: This is Home Depot! They have everything a MAN needs! (he grunted a little)

I wandered through the outdoor greenhouse section then walked in the front doors. Three male employees stood just inside the door.

Having quickly surveyed my man help options I passed, Old MAN Who Can Fix Anything and Big Burly 'All MAN Baby' MAN. I was headed for Bleached Blonde Too Pretty To Work Here MAN, as I passed him, Big Burly 'All MAN Baby' MAN said, "Hi there" in his best helpful, hunky MAN voice. Yikes!

"Do you have cleaner disks for DVD players?" I asked, Bleached Blonde Too Pretty To Work Here MAN, noticing, too late, that his badge said "Training".

"Ummm, I don't think so... Hey, Big Burly 'All Man Baby' MAN, do we have DVD cleaner discs?" He calls, fluttering his hand apologetically at his "Training" badge.

"Why no Darlin' " He winks at me, "I don't believe we've ever carried those!" Big Burly 'All Man Baby' MAN rumbles back. "Hey Old MAN Who Can Fix Anything, you ever seen DVD cleaner discs in here?"

"NO!" Says Old MAN Who Can Fix Anything rolling his eyes misogynistically.

I put on my best dumb wife who let her husband talk her into asking questions at a MAN store face, oh wait, I already had it on. "I told him we should go to an electronics store." I muttered lamely.

"Don't feel bad!" Said Bleached Blond Too Pretty To Work Here MAN sympathetically. "This is a MAN store we should totally have those DVD cleaner thingies!" (We're going to lunch and shopping later this week with his first and last Home Depot paycheck;))

So I made a few mistakes this week. I also won a totally cool give away from Mormon Mommy Blogs and Shelf Reliance. Raspberry Muffins fix any mistake, right?


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Yum! Raspberry muffins? I'll be right over!

Vacation? I'm coming, K? Don't care where you are going...we are staying home and watching Nurse Boy study. Yeah, we are having the time of our lives. ;0)

Home Depot drives me crazy...maybe that is how Nurse Boy feels at Super Target? Maybe I understand now...

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

BTW, I found my Almond Oil at Target, next to the Olive Oil. I think it is very easy to find at any supermarket. I just cover my damp washcloth with it right before I dry off from my shower and rub it all over. I really do love that stuff. And, it doesn't smell at all, which really is too bad. But, it won't mess up your perfume.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Barbaloot said...

I can't believe he uninvited you to his party!! :)
Um, do they have sunscreen at Home Depot? Cuz c'mon, that's not something I would expect to find at a MAN store.

LeShel said...

I've done some sumb question asking at Home Depot. Although I can't blame Dear Hubby for the dumb questions. I do ususally end my coversation with the statement that my husband would be so embarrased if he knew I'd been so stupid!

Deb said...

1. Mrs. Nurse Boy, thanks for the tip about the almod oil.

2. We are preparing for our own vacation, and we learned the hard way to more or less keep it a secret until we are in the car. This time, though, Princess and Dexy are going to meet cousins they've never seen before, so a certain amount of preparation was warranted. I know, it's hard.

3. Raspberry muffins would forgive ANYTHING.

Deb said...

And, Sven makes me ask the questions, too. Awful.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you didn't answer the main question here...WHERE ARE YOU GOING ON VACATION!?!?! Inquiring minds would like to know! :)

Gwendolyn said...

I wanna go on vacation! Oh, and I was laughing so much over the kids asking when Friday was. Owen does this to me all the time, and now he has learned to measure everything in how many times he in "We will be going to the party in three sleeps!" I feel like I'm living with an indian chief. He even told the lady at the school when we registered him for kindergarten that his birthday was in "five sleeps. She gave me the oddest look, but I've learned that it's better not to explain. LOL

mandi said...

Where are you going? I agree - it is a mistake to mention anything about plans in front of the kids. Each one (Paul included) asks me about the details a gazillion times and by the time we're ready to go, I want to strangle anyone that asks me one more question! I'm so patient.

Thanks for taking the boys to the park today!

Mummy McTavish said...

We were 20 minutes into our 5 hour drive and Dragon pipes up with "Are we in Cairns yet?"

4 hours into the trip they fell asleep! Sweet, peace and quiet! If only I had thought to knock them out 3 hours earlier... ;)

Birthday this month? That's nothin' my boys know they have a birthday this year, that's painful.

Have a great trip!

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