Saturday, December 19, 2009

2009 Memories, #7

What the's Saturday AM and I really want to sleep it off, Adorable Hubbies office party at our home last night that is, but it seems that getting up early all week to clean and decorate etc. has become an annoying habit.

And that brings me to my topic, #7. This blog is a journal of sorts so I want to be sure that I capture life events and the personalities of my boys. The next few posts I want to record some of these types of things in my boys lives.

#7 has been adorable in ways only a Boy Mommy could love. Every night he comes in at bed time for a cuddle, he laughs and roughhouses until we finally end up threatening him with his own bed. Just as he begins to relax and get really sleepy he jumps up strips off all his clothes cuddles under the blankets and drifts off to sleep. Yep, #7 just can't sleep with clothing on, can't do it. If I trick him in to falling asleep in pajamas before morning he will have undressed himself.

#7's naked sleeping habit adds tons of cute to this next little habit of #7's. #7 has the most beautiful hair. It's a blend of so many colors, has just the right amount of wave, and since he was our baby we let it grow and grow and grow. When he was a baby #7 would reach up with his right hand to one certain spot on his head and twirl his hair around his finger. More than once, when his hair was longer I had to free his finger which he had managed to twist into a tight not of hair. #7's hair is shorter now but each night when I get him up to use the bathroom my sleepy boy stands naked, eyes closed, twirling his hair in front of the toilet.

Last night we were cuddled up with our youngest three discussing the last two days of school before Christmas break. Tuesday is, Pajama Day, a fun tradition at our elementary school where the kids wear their pajamas to school eat breakfast and visit with Santa. As we cuddled I asked #7, "So what are you wearing for Pajama Day?"

He thought about it a minute, his eyes began to sparkle he laughed, "I guess I'm going to school naked on Tuesday" he said. "My class will really like it!" He assured me.

#7 has been a big help with Christmas Decorating this year. He sings "Feliz Navidad" over and over and over and over complete with a chorus of, "I wanta MISS you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart!" (we can't convince him that it's WISH you a Merry Christmas,I should just be glad that he hasn't picked up the bottom, fart rendition) As he sings he delves into boxes of decorations dragging out anything that catches his interest placing it where it was last year or, if memory fails, wherever he thinks it should go.

So far he has launched a couple of antique glass ball ornaments across the room where they have shattered. Did #7 feel chagrin over breaking these antique glass ornaments given me by Adorable Hubbies Grandma? Nope, he ran to get #6, " You gotta throw one of these, #6, it's so cool how it explodes when it hit's something!" Lovely, I knew I'd kept them all these years for their cool explosive properties.

#7 has made many, many, many cute holiday creations at school everyone of which he insists must be hanging on the fridge. Some of these I'll keep for his scrapbook but I've been selecting a few to decorate the inside of the trash can. Usually I'm sneaky and manage to get away with it but he caught me the other day and now routinely checks the trash can for his treasures. You don't have to say it, I'm a BAD Mommy!

The best thing about #7 is that he loves everything and everyone. I must hear about a hundred times a day, "I LOVE you Mom!" accompanied by a huge hug and kiss, on the lips, baby. #7 loves school and can't wait to go everyday I'm shedding a big fat tear right now, finally a child that likes kindergarten. The only thing #7 doesn't love right now is meat. #7 has become a vegetarian, will not eat meat, won't eat his food if meat is on his plate, weird in a family of carnivorousness, but cool!

I sure love ya, #7 you've convinced me that yellow is the best color ever, that every moment of life should be experienced fully, naked, and joyfully, except for meat, 'cause that's just gross.

Stay tuned for more 2009 memories, or feel free to tune out for a few days.


Barbaloot said...

Wish I had some glass balls to shatter against the wall. Sounds fun:)

LeShel said...

I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next update of boy. Such a cutie #7 is. We both have a Kindergartner... cool.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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