Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why I Sometimes Don't Eat Dinner

Working makes dinner time difficult, I just don't want to face another hour on my feet cooking. Alright I'm totally lying, work has nothing to do with it, most days I really don't feel like coming up with a nutritious, appealing meal that everyone will delight in. (ha, like a nutritious, appealing meal that EVERYONE will delight in is even a reality) Most nights I manage to feed them all with only half of us being completely disgusted by what's available and defaulting to peanut butter sandwiches.

Tonight I thought I had it right. I brought home three rotisserie chickens, which they all love, my only task was to think of a suitable side dish. I arranged the chickens on the cupboard, #'s 5-8 stood around me gazing in awe at the chicken bounty. "What shall we have to go with our chickens?" I asked

"Pizza!" Shouted #7 emphatically. Turns out he has developed a meat issue.

"Whatever we have I know it will be gross, and disgusting. And, I don't want any of that brown chicken it's disgusting and slimy I only want white chicken!" #5 is in his disgusted period.

"I just want to see the chicken get it's head cut off for once, I've never seen that before." I have seen that, #6, it's overrated, not to mention an appetite killer.

And #8, he just drooled a lot and tried not to look too anxious, he realllllllllllllllly likes chicken. Really, really!

What is it with kids and food? I ended up defaulting to peanut butter.


Deborah said...

I haven't cooked a meal in a long time, but I dimly remember the sides being the hard part. Sven thinks the question of "what's for dinner" is answered with whatever meat we are having, so it's on me.

It's a tough job, and one I don't enjoy, but like all positions of power, I take it very, very seriously. Steam-in-the-bag vegetables. Enough said.

Barbaloot said...

At least peanut butter kind of fits into a nutrtious category...right?

Cowboy mom said...

OHHHH!!!! My Favoritest time of the day, DINNER Time. No... NO.... Make that coming up with something for dinner time. grrrr But the crowd participation now that's entertainment!!

Kristina P. said...

What a thankless job!

Adams Family said...

I want some chicken!

Suz said...

I don't blame you.
Last night our kids had nuggets, with a side dish of MAC-n-CHEESE.

I went with a grilled cheese on honey whole wheat, side dish of pears and apples that the kids stole from me.

I wish there was a dinner Fairy Godmother. Even more the kids would eat what ever I fixed and then cleaned up!!!



Chief said...

Does he know that in a few years he will start having nightmares about showing up naked for school!

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