Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Post

Hmmm, I find myself humming annoying Christmas tunes (Feliz Navidad in an accent) and I have been sorting through the pictures of Christmas past, I guess that means I'm not a complete Scrooge. In my defense I have an eyebrow raising, jaw clenching Christmas list to fill this year. My boys are well aware that Christmas will be a simple affair this year and will have to cost uhh, nothing so they have thought long and hard about one or two little gifts they would like now Santa and I just have to figure long and hard about how to make their Christmas dreams come true.

The boys decided that the main gift this year will be a DOG. Three years ago our adorable little Muffin went to doggy heaven. The boys have decided it's time to move on. We're going to adopt a dog from an animal shelter, because we watched way to many Sarah McLaughlin commercials this year, and it's cost effective. Now I just have to convince the boys and myself that ONE dog is the limit and that breeding doesn't matter.

My boys have each chosen one or two little additional gifts that they would like from Santa.

#1 Wants to be considered an adult and be Santa's elf this year. Cool, that's a gift we can easily give.

#2 Wants a didgeridoo, so he can play naked in the basement and feel native. Ummm, shudder!

#3 Wants 2 black shirts, a long sleeve shirt and a beanie, "You know one of those one with ear flaps like little girls wear, only not pink." He always knows exactly what he wants, bless him.

#4 Want's it to be cloudy and snowing on Christmas day because, no matter what you get, if it's sunny outside it just doesn't feel like Christmas. Maybe I can buy snowy weather at the didgeridoo store.

#5 Wants a chocolate coin maker, (What the...) and TWO walkie-talkies. Just in case I didn't realize that ONE walkie-talkie isn't much fun.

#6 Wants a football uniform, helmet, pads, cleats and a Jersey, "And it better not be BYU!" Uncle Brian will be so proud.

#7 Wants a big Lightening McQueen, the kind you ride in. He missed the "One or Two LITTLE gifts memo.

#8 Wants an IPod Touch... He must have missed the "One or Two LITTLE gifts memo as well.

So yeah, a dog, didgeridoo, TWO walkie-talkie, snowy, 18 year old adult elf, Football uniform for a scrawny 7 year old, umm do you know how much one of those costs, list has me scrambling and humbugging a bit.

I did get the only gift I need the other night though. I got to put up Christmas lights with 8, trash talkin', snowball throwing, hanging off the snowy roof, rough housing, loud, funny, can I put my freezing hands on your belly, boys. And, I wouldn't trade this ALL BOY MADNESS for anything.

Hope your holiday season is bringing you JOY!


S'mee said...

hehehe this post is awesome! Made me think of my sis in law. We live where it's sunny all the time, and frankly to me, Christmas isn't Christmas unless kids can ride their bikes barefoot up and down the block. (same with Thanksgiving) Sis, on the other hand, has a saying: "It just isn't Christmas unless it's gloomy." -which always cracks me up! Anywho, good luck with that list! Merriest of Christmases!

Kristina P. said...

Everytime I hear that Sarah McLaughclin song, it makes me want to rescue animals.

mandi said...

hahaha #8 wants an ipod touch?! That makes me laugh. Is he going to use it during his down time in kindergarten?

Good luck with the dog! You are a better woman than I!

Suz said...

You know that kids are afraid of dogs, how am I gonna come and visit. LOL

Great list, good luck.



Cowboy mom said...

Welllll, I just happen to have an ADORABLE Puppy..GRIN Braden listed him on KSL but um... If your serious about the dog thing. He's yours no money involved. Christmas just cost. sigh, no matter how small.

Barbaloot said...

#2, really? That's what he wants?
I like #5's list best:)

mandi said...

Oh, #8. I was thinking of #7. My bad. You have to admit #7 with an ipod touch would be funny.

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Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

I don't know how I missed this post, but I LOVE it!! What a great post! I laughed out loud several times! I hope your Christmas was grand and I look forward to more BoyMom posts!!

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