Friday, May 21, 2010

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Lot's of stuff has been going on in the life of this Boy Mom, how's about a quick recap.

I began Graveyard shifts at work on May 5th.

Good=I work 7 days and have 7days off. Good to be home with boys. Good to have full time hours. Good to qualify for benefits.

Bad= The transition from on days to off days, loopy and grumpy. Sleeping in the summer sunlight. Being lonely all night. Sleeping alone all day. Standing on the sidewalk at 7:00am with sleep deprived morals, I'm yours for a mattress and a cuddle.

Ugly= that first three hours of dead sleep after a long night, a bomb could go off people. Let's just say I woke up to the dog in bed with me one morning, yuck, I'm telling ya, Ugggly.

Sending your first baby, OK he's nineteen but still, off on a two year church mission.

Good= He gave each of his brothers one of his possessions to care for while he was gone. He gave us each a beautiful blessing, simple but profound. Watching him square his shoulders, pick up his luggage and step firmly into manhood. I get his cell phone!!! The tears running down the face of his teenage brothers as they stood on the porch watching us pull out, they really love each other. Holding Adorable Hubbies hand as we drove home from dropping him off. All the love and support from family and friends. What better way to find yourself then to lose yourself in the service of the Lord and your fellow man.

Bad= I have a nineteen year old, how did that happen? $$$$ goodness sakes! Unknown parenting territory, how do you tell your big, manly 19 year old that leaving his pants and a belt wadded up on a table in the family room after you claim you've checked and have absolutely everything, doesn't bode well for your manliness or your Mom's heart (all right I concede that leaving stuff all over the house until the Magical Man Fairy puts it away probably is a sign of manliness and that yes I'll...I mean the Magical Man Fairy will probably mail him his pants neatly folded with fresh chocolate chip cookies). It's two freakin' years, people, two years, I spent nearly that getting him fully potty trained. Dang I'm gonna miss that boy!

Ugly=The stuff you find under beds and dressers when four boys change rooms.

May 18th was the official one year anniversary of being a working woman.

Good=Money. New friends. Conversations where people aren't referred to as "dog" or "moOOommmmm!". Finding out I'm good at things besides cleaning bathrooms and laundry which we all know I'm really not at all good at.

Bad= Does a working Mom's house and yard ever really get or stay clean. Time, so little of it. Missing even one second of my boys lives, it just goes soooo fast.

Ugly= Laundry is even worse now, really, really, really, really ugly.

Since Christmas we are dog owners again.

Good= Watching #7 play and play and play with his dog. Watching #1 take Titan (dogs name) hiking and walking. Being greeted every I come home with a nerdy dog grin, (actually looks like he's snarling about to rip your head off). Dog ears. Big, brown puppy eyes.

Bad= DOG HAIR. DOG POOP. DOG FARTS. DOG BREATH. DOG GERMS. CHEWING. GNAWING. BIG BROWN PUPPY EYES. One more muddy, messy, hungry boy to clean up after.

Ugly= He watches me shower, like I need less privacy in the bathroom.

Well, folks that's some of the stuff that's made me an inconsistent blogger over the past few months. I am hoping this graveyard shift will provide writing time.


Kristina P. said...

I hope the dog is at least cute!

And I don't envy you and your graveyard shift.

Techno Grandma said...

Loved your blog. Your boy is doing great in the MTC, your dog isn't much of a watch dog but we love him, you have one less person to do laundry for and HURRAH! you are blogging again.

LeShel said...

I like this honest update.

Just Us said...

We know the ugly dog grin. We equate Polly's grin to the look Ed the hyena has on The Lion King. Very funny. And she has to have our bathroom doors open while we are in there. So will open it for no other reason than to be sure we are in there. Crazy dogs, must be so fun for you!

Cori Ann said...

Thank you Boy Mom... just thanks for being you. You're amazing! Sure do love ya and sure do miss #1 already!

MBLL said...

It sure was good to READ you again.
You are truely amazing. Screw the laundry. Play, play, play....

I love you!


Mummy McTavish said...

If your dog can get in to watch you shower you either have a really smart dog or need a better lock on the door!

I sort of half like the idea of 7-on 7-off... I like the 7 off half, anyway. It sucks that it's the other half that pays better.

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