Monday, May 24, 2010

Notes From the Graveyard

So, what is the appropriate thing to do when you spill a warm, caffeinated, drink (what, I slept three hours so I could go to church with my boys, don't judge!) on the new laptop you got so you could blog etc. on the graveyard shift?

Offer it a pastry?

Burst into exhausted tears?

Blog it so Adorable Hubby will find out?

Contemplate the possibility that your guilt over the new laptop and the drink subconsciously created a cataclysmic mutually assured destruction phenomenon. What? It's metaphysics my mind is just wired that way.

Dump the laptop upside down, allow the liquid to drain out, wipe it off and pray?

Be grateful that you lost less than 1/8 the drink because three hours is really, really not enough sleep?

Ponder a mathematical equation for how many calories your spill saved you?

Do a happy dance because amazingly your laptop seems to have survived?

Ask all your blog friends to send you a music play list because yours is incredibly boring?


Kristina P. said...

My husband freaks out if I even so much think about having a drink near our laptop.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...I don't know. Glad it's still working, though. But, I CAN send you a great playlist. :) How about you don't judge some of my song choices b/c I just really like the beat and tune and I won't judge your warm caffeinated drink?

MBLL said...

How dare you partake of that drink!

I can't believe you'd drink it anywhere near such a sensitive piece of equipment.

If it happens again, and the laptop has problems, I hear tell that you can put it into a container of rice to dry it up.

Oh, and boy do I have a play list for you!!!! ;)


LeShel said...

AHHHH... scary. I'm glad it's still working. What would I do without updates from super woman you!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

You lucky duck! So glad it is working for you... I am pretty sure I would never be so lucky. Then I have to get the water works going so Nurse Boy will just feel bad for me and forget about the checking account. Ha!

Mrs. NB

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