Monday, August 2, 2010


Friday we (all of Adorable Hubbies family) headed north to Lagoon, a large amusement park.

Grandpa and Grandma were kind enough to get all of the grand kids their tickets. They had carefully searched for discount tickets that brought the price down to something like reasonable, then had placed the tickets and money in an envelope. I got home from work, slept a couple hours, showered, jumped in the car and realized as I was walking up to the ticket window that I had neither discount tickets or the money. Brilliant!

Despite the huge price for reuglar tickets we decided there was really nothing we could do. It was over an hour to go home, we'd just have to buy the tickets at full price, so I got in line feeling bitter. As I stood there a lady walked up got in the line next to me turned to me and said, how many discount tickets do you need. Sweet!!! Turns out they were a better discount then the ones I'd left home. Extra sweet!

This was our first time in 19 years year of attending amusement parks without a diaper bag, or a stroller and the first time all of our boys could go on all but one or two rides. OK, I'll admit it, this no baby thing, has it's perks.

The first ride of the day was the old wooden roller coaster. My riding companion was #5 our nine year old. It's been a couple years since he had been to an amusement park the last time we came he could only ride the little kid stuff, he was excited but, turns out this boy has a bit of a swearing issue when he's nervous. I was a little shocked that sitting next to his mother didn't inhibit him more. I had never heard the word $h!t used so many ways in such a short time...until a bit later on the ride Wicked. A lady on that ride came up with some curse word combination's that would have been downright impressive... if she hadn't been sitting next to her 7 year old.

Can I say once again how nice it was not to have to worry about a diaper bag, a stroller or stringing together multi-word cursing combination's.

As long as we've been married Adorable Hubby has been planning a roller coaster vacation. It goes something like this, rent an RV drive to every really cool roller coaster location in the US, spend a day riding then move on. After watching a couple shows on the food network this weekend I've decided my version is a roller coaster and restaurant vacation which means the RV will have to have a really great restroom.

Now that all the boys are old enough to curse like sailors to ride everything we may just have to make this a reality.

Meanwhile, were bouncing back to Lagoon sometime this weekend. Wanta come?


Kristina P. said...

We need to go this year. Not sure when. We bought season passes a couple of years ago. Good times!

Barbaloot said...

I love amusement parks but haven't gone for awhile. Can you believe how painful that wooden roller coaster is? So shaky!

Anonymous said...


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Me! Me! Me! I wanna come!!! I won't even swear when I am riding with you... but I might scream. Really loud. Is that OK?

And, we you travel the country, PLEASE stop here!! We have some good costers over here. :0)

Mrs. NB

Gill said...

ROFL great post! We have some great coasters over here.... you wanna come play with us?
I have to agree it is nice not carrying all the pram and nappy bag stuff around isn't it. Leaves your arms free for all waving!!

LeShel said...

Love the amusment park ride vacay. If you come to Six Flags out by us (we're about 20 minutes away) you can ditch the RV and use our bathrooms. I promise I'll have the boys clean them before you come.

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