Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

I have never really understood what, "dog days of summer" was referring too until this year.

Apparently it's when your black furry dog sheds his summer coat to make room for the winter coat and the last few days of summer are spent in a cloud of fur an inch thick all over your house.

But, understanding the old saying hasn't really cleared anything up...

Why, does the dog need to shed the old fur? Can't he just grow some winter fur to add to the summer fur, like layering a blouse and a jacket over a tank top?

Does shop vacuuming a dog help with shedding? Oh! Oh! Pick me! I know! The answer is no, not really.

"Wait, your dog will stand there and let you shop vac him? He doesn't run or bite at the vacuum?"

"What can I say, he doesn't get layering either."

And how can a dog with the surface area of...ummm, a dog, shed enough hair to cover the entire surface area of a house? Isn't that a mathematical impossibility?

Finally, and most importantly why the crap did I not see this coming when I stood at the pound, on the other side of the kennel wondering why this dog wasn't barking with all the rest.

Doggone dog days of summer!


Mummy McTavish said...

Maybe you should tell the dog to forget about the winter coat and it can just borrow your bright orange hooters tank...

Barbaloot said...

Reason #259 why I will never own a dog.

Kristina P. said...

I really want a Chow. I think I am ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

LOL - There are dogs that do not shed or stink - that's the one I want - but my husband wants another frisky, grinning, jumping collie who will protect us like 5 300 lb body guards!!

Maybe you could knit a blanket? Or mittens? Recycle that fur!!!

Suz said...

Wouldn't be nice if we could shed our summer weight gain in just a few days or with a shop vac!

Call me when he is done I come and visit. Maybe we could stuff a pillow.



Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

WHAT?! You mean your dog is afraid of the shop vac?! I thought that wouldn't be allowed in your home.

Girl, you should have called me when you were standing at the pound... we used to have a dog. Not anymore... and I love my hair-free carper way more than I should.

Mrs. NB

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