Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It's turned blustery and it snowed on the mountain tops. I love fall, breaking out sweaters and soup recipes.

This fall has felt like an endless summer, 87 degree days, air conditioner and sprinklers still turned on, Saturday I got sunburned at the football game.

Football? Well if you insist.

I'm kinda the quintessential football Mom.

I get that you can't wash the luck out of winning uniforms, "Embrace that smell!"

I know that winners need celebration and losers need space.

I don't talk to coaches during the game even if it's something real important like, what they want for dinner.

I don't yell, "Ohhhh man, I just washed those pants!" Well, not out-loud anyway.

I bring cool after game snacks.

I mostly know what all the penalty signs mean...well, I know what grabbing on, face masking and pushing look like. And I know to yell, "Let em play!" When it's against us, and "That's right!" When it's against them.

I know to bring sunglasses and ice water and blankets and hot chocolate to the same game because you just never know.

At little league games I stalk up and down the sidelines and shout encouraging stuff, "That's OK tigers, shut them down on the...uhh, after..point...thingy!"

When my little players get hurt by the big, mean first and second graders on the other team I give them a hug, a drink and yell, "Now go kick their asses!"

And some Saturdays I do it all at the same game while wearing my Fully Chested t-shirt, I'm just quintessential that way...

And, WOW! am I looking forward to football being over and nothing but raking and baking.


Kristina P. said...

It finally feels like fall around here! I had my first pumpkin shake of the season, yesterday.

LeShel said...

Lovin the football season on my end. I've got Isaak in flag football and all he wants to do is tackle. I think next year we go all the way!

Barbaloot said...

I think you know the most important thing: losers needs space. Aren't boys just horrid after they've lost a game? So hard to be around.

Just Us said...

Ah, football. I think I spent most of my life at football games, or at least some sort of sporting event. Needless to say, I am not a huge football fan. My favorite games, though, were when my mom brought a huge thermos of hot chocolate, and hot dogs rolled in tin foil so they would stay warm, and then we would use the ketchup and mustard packets from McDonald's. Soooo good!

Yea for fall!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Is Football over now?? Am I THAT far behind on my reading?? YIKES!

Mrs. NB

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