Monday, January 3, 2011

Daisy If You Do

I'm finally taking down Christmas. The stockings are emptied, and by emptied I mean I ate the rest of the candy and treats left in mine...and left in a few of the boys. Yep, well on my way to completing that New Years resolution to gain 30 lbs and grow out my armpit hair 10 inches so I can donate it to locks of love.

Now don't get all jealous and stuff because your Christmas is still out. I haven't put the stockings away yet, and I haven't taken down any of the 6 Christmas trees, including the live one...wait, why do we call them live trees when they have been cut down and stuck in a tub of water that dried out three weeks ago? Hmm, I hope #6 doesn't get crazy learning to ride his Ripstick in the house. One spark and I can shop vac the ashes. Sorry. Sugar high. Easily distracted.

So, anyway this un-decorating thing started me to thinking about a couple gifts I got.

A book of Carl Sandberg poetry and a pink GerberaDaisy.

You can blame Carl, or the sugar...

Dalliance With a Daisy, InWinter

For Christmas, a pink Gerbera Daisy.

Displayed, amidst snowy evergreens, absurdly.

Cheekily calling my Christmas bluff.

Why do those with most to give, worry most if they give enough.

I loved these two gifts best...well, the white mocha powder and Harley Davidson mug were pretty sweet too. I'm drying the daisy between page 257 and 258 of my new, used book.

Back to un-decorating.

Hmmm, I wonder what's left in Adorable Hubby's stocking...?


Barbaloot said...

Six Christmas trees? Wow-it'd take me awhile to get all those down as well. Good luck:)

Kristina P. said...

I undecorated on NYE. I just needed to get things clean and neat!

Kate said...

Hello and Happy New Year;

Popped over to say hello and thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. So, nice to meet another Utah blogger and - I suppose you get this a lot - WOW! I have one daughter and I think she's hard work. ;>)

LeShel said...

I love your resolutions! I decided to add my not making resolutions by deciding I would try to chew on the other side of my mouth so that food doesn't continue to get stuck in the two teeth at the back R side that has some ridiculous space left by my kind ortho. I'm sure you wanted to know that.
Love your poetry. I think you should share more.

Just Us said...

UN-decorating stinks! Mark and I woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep, and we un-decorated until about 10, and still not done! UN-decorating stinks! Awesome resolutions! My are just the opposite, since I have successfully accomplished the ones you are doing SEVERAL times over!

Shmonae said...

wow seven boys :)) I am exact opposite 6 girls and 1 adopted son ;)

Suey said...

I took Christmas down today too, except for the stockings because there's still tons of candy in them and I refuse to eat it all! Why won't they eat their own candy? Sheesh.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

We are all cleanned up over here... finally! I had to eat up all the candy, too. I mean how does anyone expect me to make and keep any resolutions when their stockings are still full?!

Happy New Year toyou! Off to catch up on your blog!

Mrs. NB

~Robin~ said...

Thanks for stopping by Paisley Pumpkin - you're writing style reminds me of...well ME! LOL

Holy smokes - 7 boys! That's a good lookin' bunch of boys you have there - I can't imagine the grocery bill that they come with!

Happy New Year!


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