Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Sunday #5 broke a shoe lace just before church. "No worries," I said "You got two sets of shoelaces with your new shoes so you can use the extra pair for your Sunday shoes."

"Uhh, Mom, do you think maybe this looks a little nerdy?"

I think my boys are beginning to suspect a lack in my fashion sense.

In my defense I remembered two sets of shoe laces not colors.
And, it's a vicious rumor that someone said, 'Dude, those are AWESOME!" I would never refer to someone as "dude".


Cowboy mom said...

That makes me laugh!! So what's the big deal?

AND, what mom doesn't suffer from fashion naievity (or whatever)

Heffalump said...

I've seen shoes come with two sets of shoelaces, one black and one white set, so I totally support your suggestion that he use an extra set of laces...
I've been known to pillage their old church shoes on occasion for laces.

LeShel said...

i think it's a good look. started by the right kid it could seriously take off. at least the shoes are appropriate for Sunday. my kiddo's have been known to show up in less desirable foot attire.

Barbaloot said...

Yeah-it is a little nerdy:)
My brothers are trying to crack me of my habit to call boys "dude."

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

So funny!! I cracked up!! We mothers must do what we must to get those kids out the door for church!! Who knows, maybe it will be the new fashion statement of the year!!

I've missed reading and posting.

Suz said...

He would look very fashionable at the local bowling alley after church. He just needs to wear them in the right place.

A sharpie will color those black very quickly. That is the "Martha Stewart," in me.

You are a mom of " 8 BOYS " you are entiled to use DUDE. Besides your are an " 80's " girl(mom).

Anonymous said...

oh no!! Laughing so hard. Please tell me he didn't go to church that way!!!! LOL!

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