Thursday, January 13, 2011


Confession: I kinda, maybe, don't love January. A lot!

Yep, putting that right out there. I really gave it a try this year. I told myself January gets a bad rap I'll think of some warm cozy thing I love about January each day and I'll do it. I was just sure that would help.

Warm cozy things I love:

Soup. Unfortunately, the Boys are not big fans. They think soup should accompany steak, and baked potatoes, and homemade rolls, salad, and seven layer dessert...grrr!

Warm jammies. What could go wrong with warm jammies? Try having to go to work in the cold just at the time for putting on warm jammies. Ahh...Graveyards!

Reading. I was able to get through the last Fablehaven book. Sadly, I felt guilty about all the things I needed to get done. Sigh.

Blankets. My awesome Mom made three denim quilt tops for me to give to #8, #3 and #4. We have plans to find some flannel and get them finished. But, the term is ending and school work needs finished and Christmas needs taking down and organized and put away. Boo

Cuddling. Well...that's been fabulous, except for those pesky jobs we both have.

Friends. We have spent some catch-up time with friends on a couple occasions this month. Love that!

Media. January is the perfect month to get really into some TV or blogging. So far the TV broke and the computer has a virus, the router gave up the ghost. Always, everything breaks in January. Why??

Socks. Warm, fuzzy, socks! #3 is a sock fiend. He will raid my sock drawer multiple times a day. Either he's color blind or really secure in his teenboyhood, pink and lime green socks are not a deterrent. Nor is his size 11 feet in my size 9 socks.

Hot chocolate. Swore off sugar...dang!

Peanut butter cookies. Swore off sugar...dang!

Cleaning and organizing. Wait, that's not warm and cuddly and I don't enjoy it. Stupid plastic bins and organizers in all the stores.

Writing. Still don't have a stinkin' program on my laptop. To cold to go out and get it done.

Snow. I really enjoy walking in falling snow all bundled up toasty warm. The dirty frozen mess and poor air quality are making that impossible this month.

Yeah! Yeah! I'm whining and feeling sorry for myself.

Blame it on January, I am!


LeShel said...

January is one nasty month! I agree. This year I decided to break it up by taking a trip to see my sister in Houston. It will be wonderful to commiserate with her.

Kristina P. said...

It sounds like you could use a Snuggie!

Adams Family said...

For the writing just go download open office it is just like Microsoft's. Go to It is probably January's fault that I was soo tired last night. When I told Isaac, "Man I am soo tired." He said, "well, complaining to me or my dad isn't going to make it any better." It made me laugh.

Barbaloot said...

You can expect a similar post like this from me in March.

Hope the TV/computer gets fixed soon. Media really is a great way to make things better:)

Just Us said...

I know, right?! It's hard to jump on all those new years resolutions when you start the new year with January! I think New Years should be moved to April or something, so then maybe I would follow through with the resolutions for once!

Heffalump said...

January isn't my favorite month either.

Cori Ann said...

I couldn't agree with you more!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Oh, JANUARY... you are such a rude, harsh, dull, cold month. I, too, cannot wait for SPRING!!!! I am so over winter when Jan 1st rolls around. Hang in there... grab those warm jammies and a bowl of soup. I am posting our favorite potato soup recipe next
Friday... even MY picky boys eat it!

Mrs. NB

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