Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I have been watching my husband over the last few weeks and just thought I should mention how beautiful it is to see a man sacrifice and give his all for his wife and children. Richard has incredible stress at work and we've all been sick with a bad cold, including him; everyone ended up at the doctors office and the cost is stressful enough then medicine and worrying about his loved ones and having at least three children in bed with us every night. He just keeps going he just keeps loving and working and striving to make a difference in our lives and the world. He of course was the last one seen at the doctors office and insisted he wasn't sick. He carries children back to bed ten times a night just to have them start crying or coughing and have to go back in and get them. He has to figure out how to love and encourage his 16 year old and his 3 year old and 5 in between. I remember when our older ones were the babies and I had a hard time with his parenting because he wasn't more like me. I hope I've learned to let him be a man and love and teach and parent like a man because heaven knows we don't need two PMS'ing, bossy, always have to be right women in this family. I have loved watching Joseph who has always been my little mommas boy fall in love with his Daddy. I love how much my own love deepens every day. Men are wonderful especially Husbands and Daddy's.

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I couldn't agree more. So awesome. Fatherhood is something our society needs to respect more. I can't wait to be a Father


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