Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Going To The Birds

Adam, like most 3 going on 4 year olds has a very active imagination and earlier this spring he discovered he was afraid of birds; so when he ran down the hall and into the kitchen saying he was afraid of that bird hopping around our house I rolled my eyes and exchanged an, Adam's imagination is at it again, look with Jeremiah.

In my defense I did ask Adam where he saw the bird and Jeremiah walked down the stairs and glanced around. Since neither of us saw anything and Adam is, well... Adam, we didn't think much of it.

Two hours later I walked back across the street from my moms' where I had been trying to convince my 12 year old boy that taking summer band for seven days and not having the French horn figured out does not mean he is a failure. As I approached the house Jacob and Isaac had a tale to tell.

Isaac: Mom, There was a bird in the house, I saw it sitting on the couch and I told Jacob, "Jacob, there is a bird in the house sitting on the couch in the living room".

Jacob: (holding the lid from the Lego box and the empty beanie baby basket) I didn't believe him so he said, "Come see for yourself".

Isaac: So, then I said, "Jacob I'm not lying, come see for yourself". So he came in and saw the bird. How did a bird get in our house? Why do bird's go in houses? Do you think it was a baby bird, it was pretty big I think it was a grown up bird, well maybe it was like a hmm... I guess it was a kid bird. Oh and I got to touch it and it didn't bite me. Ahh Mom, it was such a cute bird I think we should have caught it and kept it for a pet.

Jacob: I trapped it and let it go. It flew into those trees.

I guess I should take Adam more seriously; imaginative though he may be.

Oh, and just in case you wondered... the Beanies babies were dumped out on the floor and there they remain, I can't find the Lego box lid and we still have no idea how a bird got in the house.

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