Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mc Ironic

I was in the drive-through at McDonald's the other day ordering dinner for my family, no, I didn't have a million things going on I just didn't feel like cooking, you can cast your vote for me as Mother-of-the-Year at www.waybeyondcaringwhatanyonethinks.urg. Isaac was in the car with me and noticed that the Chuck E. Cheese parking lot, which is adjacent to the parking lot at the McDonald's we frequent, was empty.

Isaac: Mom, no one is at Chuck E. Cheese's, they must have figured out that eating Chuck E. Cheese's food can give kids rare diseases.

Mom: Rare Diseases huh, not contagious diseases or infectious diseases?

Isaac: (singing) Chuck E. Cheese's where a kid can get rare diseases.

McDonald's as a healthy alternative, who knew?

1 comment:

S'mee said...

This is pretty funny, hilarious actually. Rare diseases...In all honesty I have only been there once and from that one experience I can say that the kid is probably correct!

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