Tuesday, June 24, 2008


A few pictures of the last days of school and my yard.

My favorite ever last day of school photo. You should have heard the whining when I made them wash it out of their hair. Joseph was sure that he had actually turned into knuckles.

Jacob, Joshua, Austin and Jessica, celebrating Jessica's birthday with the bat signal cake the boys made all by themselves.

Jeremiah and his cousins Sam and Gloria at the International fair. They were all in the same class and choose the country of Norway.

This is what Joseph and Adam do then I am running around like a maniac the last two weeks of school. They were actually having some sort of plastic kiddie chair bull fight, what fun!

Jeremiah with his awesome 6th grade teacher Mr. Dixon.

Jeremiah with his 6th Grade diploma. Note the swim suit and three day old t-shirt, hopefully he'll dress a little nicer for senior graduation.

Joshua's band concert.

This is the best I could do at capturing the three large trees in my backyard. They shade the house and give my yard the feeling of a park. I refuse to leave this house unless I can take my trees.

My Hostas are looking better then ever this year.

My yard is my haven, a few years ago Richard bought me this kissing bench for my birthday, I had romantic dreams of sitting with him in this quiet corner of my garden. Alas his allergies and my constant entourage of children, it's yet to happen; but, I did share a beautiful moment there with Adam this afternoon. We talked about the large snail that was crawling across the grass. He wanted to pick it up but was afraid so I picked it up and showed him its eyes and antennae then we tossed it over the fence to munch the neighbors yard.


Irishmama said...

Is that the Doodlebops?

Ah, the kissing bench. Isn't it always the way....you have these 'romantic' fantasies and just when you plan to make them realistic, reality sets in. It's just never like the movies.

Have a good summer.

S'mee said...

So much good stuff in one post!

1. My 21 yr.old daughter looks that way every year after the Festival of Colours out at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.

2. you gotta love a guy who can bake. And decorate!

3. Jeremiah looks like he's ready for high school football already! That kid has some shoulders!

4. our #1 had me paint flames on his graduation high tops. Oh and he ran and jumped into the arms of his favourite teacher (who was handing out the diplomas). He almost knocked him down. INstead the teacher just carried him over to the Principal and set him down with a hug. #3 wrote "HI MOM" on the top of his mortar board (cap) with electrical tape...during the first speech. I secretly thought it was THE coolest thing ever.

I would kill for that back yard.

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