Monday, August 11, 2008

Duh, Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday, So many really great people made it a wonderful day, Thank you.

Am I having any anxiety over my advancing age? I didn't think so until this birthday morning conversation with Adam.

Mom: Good Morning Adam.

Adam: Happy Birthtay Mom. (With a little coaching from Dad)

Mom: Aww, thanks sweetie.

Adam: Mom, how old your are?


Adam: ha ha ha ha heh heh, Torty-free, hee hee whoo whoo ha.

Mom: what's so funny?

Adam: How old I am?

Mom: Four

Adam: Four, oh...I'm gonna snuggle you Mom, you need snuggles.

Mom: No really I'm OK, go help Daddy make Breakfast.

Adam: OK, forty-tree hee hee hee... (as he runs off)


Adams Family said...

Happy Birthday! I meant to call all yesterday but I left my phone at home. Love ya.

Irishmama said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday. Mine is this Sunday (insert eyeroll).

I heard Heart on the radio this morning, you sounded good. heehee.......

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