Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Dreams

Adorable Hubby and I can't get enough of the Olympics, swimming, diving, gymnastics, if it's on we watch it. Our bedtime has been creeping slowly past 10:30 to 11:30 or 12:00, last night Bob Costas signed off before we could pull ourselves away. With Joshua involved in two-a-day practices this week at football my days are starting at 6:00 AM so I'm pretty tired. Maybe that explains my dream last night.

Yesterday we watched Synchronized Diving, this is an amazing sport, if wearing a really tight low cut Speedo and synchronizing your movements perfectly to a similarly dressed member of the same sex is your idea of an amazing sport depending on your definition of a sport. Apparently the Chinese, Russian and German teams are really good but the American team hung in there until just at the end when the Germans edged them out of the medals with just a touch more synchronicity.

So last night I dream I'm standing on an Olympic diving platform ready to perform my dive, I looked down and realized all I had on was a really tight low cut Speedo, not a good look for me even pre-babies. Fortunately I had the chest and abs of a 17 year old Olympic diver. I don't recall ever switching genders in a dream before; but, there I was standing on a three story high platform about to throw myself off in a twisting, flipping, belly-flop of death attempt at Olympic glory and all I could think was, "would anyone notice if I reached down and touched my who-ha to check out just how far this gender transformation goes?"

This morning I keep glancing down at the girls, just to check; though I'd kill for the abs my lovely belly and lower regions are all me as well.

More sleep? Less Starbucks almond fudge ice cream?
Or maybe just my own little version of an Olympic Dream?


Cowboy mom said...

Hay!! I've had dreams that I had switched to a boy. But I was always still a girl. Dreams!! weird. Yeah, I'd say get more sleep but wait until the olympics are over We don,t have dish so I'm missing them this year. Really missing them!

Goose Girl said...

cool i wish that i looked like that when i dived

Goose Girl said...

dood ya cool love ya


Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

I say *more* ice cream, *while* you're watching the Olympics. If we're gonna loose sleep on purpose, we might as well go all out. Hey, it's kind of like a "holiday" that only comes every 4 years. Justify this by discontinuing the celebration of Leap Year.

The Broken Man said...

We watched the syncronised diving too - it was quite a spectacle! Unfortunatly, we came last, and then one of the team had a bit of a pop at his team mate - who was only 14 and dived better than him!

Still, at least we tried - and in England "it's the taking part that counts" - not enough for a medal, but hey!

The Broken Man


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