Friday, September 26, 2008

Just Another Manic Friday

Today was a Nearly Naked Manic Housecleaning Friday. This is not a cute little event involving a French Maid's costume a fluffy feather duster and a lot of giggles. No, this is more like, 'Oh no someones off their meds, wearing nothing but a tank top and ratty sweats, how far should we let her go before we call the, "men in the little white coats".

This is not a day when a loving Mom smilingly encourages everyone to work together to accomplish the few chores that didn't get finished during the week. Nooho, this is a day when everyone runs for their life suddenly remembering random errands that take them far away for a long, long time. Those unfortunate enough to be left at home cower in dark corners hiding from the maniacally muttering woman lifting couches off the ground with one hand as she slaughters hapless dust bunnies with the other.

Is it the full moon? High tides? The last day of the week to accomplish anything? No one knows for sure, but we're all very, very glad when date night begins and Nearly Naked Manic Housecleaning Friday is over.

Ow Ow Woooo!

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Anonymous said...

There's strength in numbers my friend. I'll join that club. Those kind of days are what I refer to as "a total waste of make-up!" Blessings, Whitney

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