Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've heard some funny comments lately and I just know you're needing a little something to put a smile on your face.

I'm not a big fan of blond jokes, unless we can all agree that blonde is more a description of...oh whatever, you get me. Right!

A lady struggling to fill out paperwork shaking her head in disgust, "I'm dumber than a blonde, box of rocks!"

Ha! That's DUMB!

Mummy McTavish this is for you.

Two of the people I work with lived in Australia for a while. On Australia Day I was at work when one of them brought in a package of Tim Tam's for us to try. The other co-worker who had spent time in Australia forbid us to eat a Tim Tam like it was, "Just another biscuit".

He mixed a cup of hot chocolate, we didn't have any Milo, then explained the process of biting off both ends, sucking hot chocolate through the Tim Tam like a straw just until the beverage touched our tongue, then popping the whole thing in our mouth for a chocolate rush so intense it sent shivers down your spine.

One of the girls he was trying to explain it to just didn't get it. As he was trying to clarify the process his cell phone rang, "Gotta call ya back, I'm trying to explain a Tim Tam Slam to a blonde!"

Ha! That's complicated!

OK, on to other hair colors.

A coworker has lost some weight. I was complimenting her on how good she looks when a fellow coworker chimed in to emphasize the compliment. "Yeah, she's a hottie with a naughty body!"

Ha! That's working with a lot of blonde 20 year old's!

Seriously, moving on!

My sister Jenny and I escaped my waterless house (a subject for another post) to see the movie Legion. This is an end of humanity, apocalypse, themed movie that we went to mostly for it's mockablity. It was deliciously mockable.

Dennis Quaids character, offering a steak and beer to a woman who's husband had just been killed by humans turned into flesh eating zombies, "Just because it's the end of the world doesn't mean you can't eat."

Ha! That quote deserves a t-shirt.

My #3 son is a know it all. And quick witted. And Funny.

#8 also known by the nick name fostie (endearment for foster child, depending on who's using it) still has, "baby of the family" status; and, as so, frequently get's protected from #3's barbs.

Sunday #3 suddenly decided that #8 was being shown extra love, due to his protected status. "Hey, being the fostie is cool. Let's switch. I'm the fostie now and #8, you know everything. "

Ha! That's insightful!

I was reading back through some past post's this week.

The comment most likely to repeat itself, "Way to let it all hang out there."

Ha! That's me, baby. Lettin' it all hang out.

Hope you found a smile.


S'mee said...

hehehe! I totally get the idea of going to a movie for it's "mockability"...those first three Star Wars for example.

: )

Mummy McTavish said...

Okay... I saw "Mummy McTavish, this is for you" then the picutre of mullet man... uh, thanks?

Seriously, so glad you got to try a Tim-tam slam! I reckon they should be our citizenship test... scrap all the questions about priministers and cricket and junk and give them a coffee and a tim-tam and if it all goes in they are allowed to live here, if they end up with a sodden mess at the bottom of their coffee cup it's 'better luck next time'. Next time you've got to suck until it just starts to colapse under your fingers then flip the oposite end into your mouth first. And video it for me to watch :-)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I want to try a Tim Tam Slam!

For the record, I thought this was a cute post! However, I am one of your biggest fans!!

Mrs. NB

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