Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Remember That Really Great and Unannoying post I Was Working On?

This isn't it.

My Daddy grew up in Oregon, he had jobs as a lumberjack and a Christmas tree farm/lot worker and probably some other similar jobs that contributed to his fashion sense.

During the spring, summer and fall while working as a landscaper, Daddy wore navy blue sweats, white t-shirts, and white tennis shoes. Everyday. Dressing up for church involved navy blue dress pants, a white shirt, tie and black dress shoes. In winter months Daddy would mix up the navy blue and white look with navy blue sweats, a navy blue sweatshirt, a navy blue stocking hat, and brown work boots.

What Daddy lacked in fashion variety he made up for with an exciting array of tools. One never knew if the big guy in dark clothes and a stocking cap would be cleverly accenting his outfit with a pick, a shovel or going all out with sawdust, a chainsaw and logs on the front porch in our suburban neighborhood.

I have inherited Daddy's fashion sense, I wear a lot of black and brown, it's slimming don'tcha know. And my suburbanite neighbors never know if I'll be sporting a rake, a lawn mower or a snow shovel.

Yesterday it was a rake. We never got around to raking the leaves last fall so, whenever the melting snow reveals a pile of leaves I rake and bag, wearing my black sweats and a stocking hat. Only mine is PINK, with matching gloves. Thanks Boy Mom-in-law.


Kristina P. said...

You look adorable! I love color, I have to say. It's almost spring-like today!

Cowboy mom said...

OH, I wanta cute hat like that. I just learned how to crochet cute little slippers, with a pom pom on each one. I bet I could make me one of those hat's. I actually enjoy doing a little crocheting every now and then.

Mummy McTavish said...

Oooooh, you're so cute with your little pompom beanie! It seems lately more and more of the bloggers I visit are putting photos of themselves up... it's so nice to see the sweet ladies that are usually behind (or avoiding) the camera!

an encourager said...

Pink is one of my favorite colors. It's funny what we pick up from our parents, isn't it? I want someone to crochet me pink golf covers with darling pom poms!!!

Anonymous said...

an encourager....I love the golf club cover idea. That would be so cute!! Now I wish I played golf! Well....not really, but that would cute anyway. Susan - I love you in pink. And I've never seen you in pink I don't think. ??? Nope, don't think I have. It made your eyes really pop. Did you know you have crazy beautiful blue eyes? Well, you do. I am coveting your eyes tonight.

LeShel said...

I just caught up. I've been hiding from blog world. I'm just busy wishing January away. Reading your posts brought me smiles!

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