Sunday, October 31, 2010

Costume Made Halloween

This was an odd year for Halloween it being on Sunday and all. I am usually ready to go with decorations and costume boxes to be dug through and costumes decided on by the 15th at the latest. But, this year it was hard to get in the spirit (a little Halloween joke) and my usual Halloween night soup, and treats Hangout, a 7 year tradition, was on the 29th, which coincidentally was the same day as the three little boys school costume parade and my second day of cooking (Usually cook for at least three days) first day of decorating and cleaning.

The costume box found it's way to the living room on the 28th around 8:00 pm which is when #5 decided to use the 11 year old wizard costume first worn by #1 and #6 decided on the 12 year old grim reaper cloak most often worn by #2 (a child with a darker humor) and #7 grabbed a Sponge Bob costume given to us last year by who knows who.

The 29th dawned cloudy and cold and very early. At 7:10 am three boys were on my bed with the bag of colored hair sprays and face paint left over from last year.

#5: (round faced 9 year old) Should I wear this wizard hat or this wizard hat?

We have two wizard costumes and a lizard costume, one year due to #4 and his inability to pronounce his L's we had a Wizard, a Wizard and a W(L)izard. I love all the memories that haunt me when I open the costume box each year. (I know, I've obviously eaten way to much pilfered trick or treat candy and really need to knock it off with the lame Halloween humor attempts)

Boy Mom: (Very sleepy 40 something) We could forget the wizard hat and spray your hair gold. (As she smears white and black grease paint on a pale skinny #6 in his too big grim reaper costume)

#5: Do wizards have gold hair?

Boy Mom: (yawning) Duh! They can have whatever hair color they want...they're wizards. We could spray your hair black. ( to grim reaper boy)

#6: (He was already pale, probably in anticipation of puking his guts out later that night, and with the white face paint and black around his eyes...) Actually, Grim Reapers have white hair.

#5: Actually, Grim Reapers have NO hair.

#6: Actually, you're right!

#7: (Excited, Blond, 6 year old in a sponge bob costume.) Actually, can I have blue hair?

#5 and #6: (Loudly and in unison) You're Sponge Bob???!!!

Boy Mom: (Feeling her first caffeine craving of the day) Actually, I could use a couple more hours sleep...Arghh!

We had a lovely get together with friends, some have been coming to celebrate with us for all 7 years now. Decorations were up! Soups were hearty! Treats were abundant! House was mostly clean! Puking didn't start until 5:00 AM or so.

And even though it seemed an odd year it ended up being a Bootiful Happy Halloween!

If I pinky swear no more Halloween humor, will you all come next year?!!


Kristina P. said...

I would totally come. I love that you guys have so many costumes to reuse.

See you next year!

Barbaloot said...

How nice that you've got costumes stored up. I never make anything or do anything each time Halloween rolls around I'm pretty clueless as to what I'm gonna do:)

Debbie said...

Having the box of costumes is brilliant! Saves so much work and stress.

Nonna Beach said...

I would come too but I will hold you to that "Pinky Swear" ( except on Halloween...wink* ) and they slash prices on costumes etc. the day after Halloween so you can stocked up even more !

Suz said...

Okay, How come there aren't any princess or aleast cheerleaders in your costume box. I laugh when the boys dress up as girly princesses and such.

With #2 & #3 curly hair, they could totaly pull it off. Tell them I'll do their make up. It would be a blast! I tried to convince Milo to go as a bearded lady. Maybe next year.



mandi said...

Your soup was INSANELY GOOD. Thank you for sending me some and feeding my family! I saw your little ones as I was driving the kids home from school. They looked awesome!

Adams Family said...

Um, is your camera broken or something. I haven't seen many pictures lately.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I wanna come!!! You do have room for 5 more, right?! I will even bring pumpkin something!!! Sounds like a wonderful evening!!

Mrs. NB

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