Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pink Mystery

Not a lot of pink laying around at boy house...just isn't there.

Also, you would be sadly disappointed if you were looking for a girl toy. Wait, we have those.. so to speak, uhh hmm... I believe I'm trying to say, play items directed towards the interest of little girls.

Take baby dolls for instance, we did get one once. Just before #2 was born I bought a baby doll with a little blue pajama sleeping bag outfit to prepare #1 to be a big brother. He held it for 20 seconds or so, handed it back and patted me on the leg, "You baby, Mom." He said.

That baby doll was loved on briefly by each of our sons when they went through the figuring out the difference between mommies and daddies phase. And, that baby doll, he remained clean and in his little blue pajama outfit until little girl cousins came to play... Y'all, girls are hard on baby dolls. They draw on them, undress them, drag them out to the sandbox....

Any who, the other day my American Girl catalog arrived in the mail. This is a super sized, super little girly magazine full of dolls and every accessory imaginable for dolls themed to different eras of American history and the beautiful faces and customs of the many immigrants that make America.

I get the American Girl catalog because at some point, a few years ago, I was sure I would get a little girl some day and that she and I would delight in all things pink and girly...I was probably delusional from puking non-stop for 5 months with morning sickness.

On the second page of the catalogue is pictured row after row of versions of the original doll. All the same face, full cheeks and a darling mouth with two perfect little white teeth; but, with nearly any combination of hair color, skin tone and eye color so that your little American Girl can have a doll that looks uniquely like her.

#7: Mom what's this. {He hands me the magazine with a confused look}.

Boy Mom: It's a catalog of baby doll stuff.

#7: Huh????

Boy Mom: For girls.

#7: Ohhhhh!! {He looks at the rows of dolls on the first page.}

#7: They're all the same! He's confused again.

Boy Mom: They have different skin and eyes and hair so the doll can look just like the girl. Which one would look like you?

#7: Hmmmm, {he has to check, he climbs up to look in the mirror.} I have white hair and white skin and blue eyes. {Our boys don't learn hair color words until they're umm...18?? }

{What??? it just doesn't come up.}

#7: I'm like that one. {He points at a blue eyed, blond doll.}

Boy Mom: Good job! Shall we look to see what kind of clothes you like to wear.

#7: Uhhh, {he gives me a why on earth would we do that look} Let's look to see what doll Lily is. {Lily is his best friend who is a girl.}

#7: Hmmm??? {He intently studies the pictures but just can't figure it out.}

Boy Mom: What about this one? {Points at a Lily looking doll.}

#7: {Peering closely at the doll.} Yep, I think you're right Mom. Her has Brown Hair like Lily. Her has brown eyes like Lily. And, her has... buck teeth?????

Did I mention that female pronouns aren't learned at an early age either?

And that I'll be cancelling my American Girl catalog.


Nonna Beach said...

HAHAHAHAHA !!! I'm feeling extra special that I got 1 girl along with 4 boys to flex my pink girly muscles. Cancel the subscription but go sometime to an American Girl Convention...Pink Mystery solved !

Barbaloot said...

I used to LOVE American Girls! And I think it thrilled my mom cuz as her only girl is was about the only pink, girly thing I did like:)

Kristina P. said...

That's awesome! Do they make more manly baby dolls now?

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

We have plenty of pink over here... come visit already!! I took Sweet Pea to the American Girl store that just openned here. I couldn't afford to breathe the air. CRAZY! Sweet Pea wasn't into it and I bought her a $5 doll at the drugstore the next day. Yeah, I got off easy. ;0)

Mrs. NB

Debbie said...

You should thank your lucky stars that you have saved the gazillion dollars you would have spent on those things!

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

So funny!!! My daughter is just getting into American Girl. She's not a big doll fan but she loves the books!! Great post!!

LeShel said...

love this especially since i spent last week staring at one with my nieces.

Sweet Annabelle said...

I'm an all-boy mom, too - and I get the American Girl mag, TOO! Weird! Don't know how I got on their list...

Suz said...

Don't cancel. Lil' needs something to look at when we are there! Plus don't you enjoy getting mail that isn't a bill.

I think I am gonna by YOU some PINK!

I love Adam, hims so adorable!



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