Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Is Coming

I made Richard his fudge this morning. It's in a big Tupperware in the fridge, I start my Christmas baking with fudge because my husband loves it and because, unlike me, he can open the fridge eat a piece or two of his treats and make them last for two or three weeks. Thankfully, I am not tempted by fudge especially now that Adam walks around calling it pudge, I think I have all the pudge I can handle.

Closer to Christmas I will make Peanut Brittle and Toffee and Sugar Cookies and Molasses cookies, and Divinity and Carmel Popcorn... oh dear! I seem to be getting carried away with the visions of sugarplums dancing in my head.

I thought it would be fun to share my children's Christmas lists.

Jacob, 16 years.
A Drivers license (not until he gets the application filled out for his Eagle)
A Car (I just found out that our insurance goes up to, gasp, $500.00+ a month with the two we have, add, hyperventilate, gas to that!)
A Leather Jacket (hmm, possibly since walking is still going
to be his main form of transportation.)

Joshua, 15 years.
The Wii (This is the latest , greatest, electronic game system)
The Wii ( we told him he got one the day he was born. He told us, "Yes, but you won't let me play with it.")
The Wii. ( arghhmph! groan of exasperation.)
A baby Sister (OK, where do we get a Wii)

Jeremiah, 12 years.
"Jeremiah what do you want for Christmas this year?"
"I don't know"
" What?" (He always knows!)
" So, for sure we can't get a Wii?" (I told you he knows!)
" arghhmph!"
"OK I just want gloves and a Chocolate Orange (Then he ask
me if he could donate the thirty dollars or so in change, he has been
saving, to buy shoes for needy kids, proud tear.)

Benjamin, 10 years.
A game Boy DS Light.
Pokemon Diamond.
"um, Mom remember last year when I didn't get the only thing I wanted..."
"Last year when you cried from 5:00 am until 11:00 am Christmas morning? I remember!"

Isaac, 6 years.
A dresser (What? he is growing up and his clothes are getting bigger
and he needs more room!and then Joseph could have his dresser
that he has now and Adam could have the one he is sharing with
Joseph and... Isaac has a lengthy for explanation for everything.)
A Dinosaur (My, what a grown up toy)
A Pokemon Fire Red game
A Scooter
A Piggy Bank ( good thing, because mine will be empty.)
Mack-A-Mole Tower (no Joseph wants that, no they both want it, no,
he want Flipping Frogs Game,)
Molding Sand (maybe he'll settle for a moldy sandwich.)

Joseph 5 years on Dec. 22nd.
A dinosaur
Flipping Frogs Game
Thomas rail road stuff.
Spider man web blasters
Spider man
Super man
A Scooter
A piggy bank
A new bike
Play dough
A Horse
Pokemon beanies
Boots, and hat and gloves
(This list just keeps growing every day, No funny comments
because Joseph doesn't do funny!)

Adam 3 years old.
"Adam, what do you want for Christmas?"
"Dora and Boots, you idiot." (Idiot is used interchangeably as a term of affection or anger.)
"What else?"
"And Fwiper and iego. (Swiper and Diego, for those not familiar
with Nick Jr. cartoons or three year old speak.)
"Do you want anything else?"
"Fider man"
" What kind of Spider man?"
"Soup-Er-Man kind" (As he jumps from the chair to the ottoman to the couch to the love seat.)

So there you have it not a single Doll or Christmas dress or Barbie or Polly Pocket or Littlest Pet shop. Any one want to swap kids for the holidays?


Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it. It took me a minute to get the Wii joke. I is a little slow.

I couldn't imagine shopping for 7.

hknight said...

I think this is hillarious, I really enjoyed the bit about the Wii! I feel for you on the no fun girl stuff, and I only have two boys! But they are really fun this year! I hope you can find all the stuff you need to fufill there lists!

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

I know this is an old post.. but I couldn't resist, I have 4 girls and it is so funny the opposite I see here... THe only difference would be the 3 year old, because mine also wants dora and boots.... We have talked about trying again for a boy, and seeing your family has made me realize that just because we keep trying doesn't me we are meant to ever have one!!

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