Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Stuff To Do

I should be doing laundry, I'm blogging. Earlier I should have been doing laundry, I heated a knife and a spoon and cut through green styrofoam to sculpt a 3D plant cell for my ninth grader. He did not ask me to do this for him, in fact he thought of printing a 3D picture off the internet and giving it to his teacher with 3D glasses, I decided to help him out because super sizing micro-biology seems so much more enjoyable than laundry.

I also need to wrap Christmas gifts; construct a list of what gifts I have and what I still need; finish decorating for Christmas so I can take the decoration boxes back to the storage unit and pick up the Primary manuals I need to put together for next year. I need to consider what picture I should use for Christmas cards and get them printed and mailed. As always, the house is an impressive mess; I still need to call my friend Lane and see if he will help me nail up the patch we created for the hole in the family room roof; oh! that reminds me of the cabinet that I need to buy and get installed in the basement bathroom, and the storage closet that needs de-junked so I can move my food storage in to it so that I'll have more room to keep things organized in my laundry room... and I'm back to laundry again.

Why do I always end up at laundry?

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