Sunday, December 30, 2007

When does school start again?

There are many things I love about the Christmas holidays:
I love not having to get two teenagers out the door by 7:30AM.

I love not having to get home from the gym in time to plead, argue and cajole a very grumpy six year old out the door while his OCD brother freaks out about being late to school.

I love that I can pretend laundry does not exist and not worry what will happen if my ten year old wears the same clothes for two weeks or my three year old wears... umm!

I love not having a set meal schedule, we eat what we want, when we want (all the candy is gone but the tooth brushes are still in the stocking).

I love not worrying that one of my school age kids will let it slip that I told them a chocolate orange was fruit and cookies were the same as cereal. This is a little meal that Adam Prepared.

I love having time for fun activities with friends and families. My BFFL, Suzie, met us at the Bowling alley with two of her boys and our only little girl, Lily.

There are a few Holiday inevitable's I could do with out:

"I'm bored" uttered by one or more of my children every five minuets because it's to snowy to go out and play.

Dishes, dishes, dishes.

Sleep over schedules, Isaac and Joseph were packed for a sleepover at their cousins by the fifteenth.


Projects that have to be done by the New Year such as Primary manuals and eco systems(thus the new addition to our family).

Rough housing that turns into fights. It's cute when it's the two littlest, not so much when it's the two oldest.

Make up work for school.

Garbage, I have two very large garbage cans that are overflowing.

Stomach flu, could it be possible that chocolate oranges and cookies are not fruit and cereal?

Ah well! as I said they are inevitable.

Hope you're all enjoying your Winter Holiday as much as we are.


Rick said...

Wow Boys definately are you! You've got a whole football team there.

Hollywood said...

Holly smokes!! That's the most impressive family photo ever! You are amazing for attempting the impossible.

The photo of #7 in the undies is fantastic. He reminds me of the latest James Bond in his little boy swim trunks. And yes, #7 totally pulls it off!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. After visiting here, I'm appalled that you would take on a writing class in addition to all the fabulous you are attempting the rest of the time. You seriously go to the gym in the mornings? You should teach a university class about how to pull THAT off!

My imaginary hat off to you!

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