Monday, December 17, 2007

Adam Davinci

Adam has found his artistic started with a marathon washer, dryer and wall writing session that started in the basement and ended in the kitchen. Adam got scolded, instructed to only write on paper and helped wash walls; this is all it took with my other children, not Adam.

He next found paper and drew on nearly every page in my primary binder and made a lovely picture on a sheet of choir music I had brought home to work on(When I sing I seek to blend in to the group as much as possible, won't I be lovely with my three year old decorated music). I guess I should have been more specific, I told him he had to ask Mom for the paper, I thought maybe he got it, he said, "Otay Mom." He didn't get it, we came home the other night to the Grandpa room (our name for our family room) walls covered with green marker pictures; this time Daddy got involved and yelled at Adam. Adam was so devastated that Daddy would yell at him that he ran to his room and cried for 20 minutes.

Next we found poor Buzz Light Year colored green I didn't bother with a lecture this time, I just tossed Buzz in the toy box, I figured it would give the other toys something to laugh about. Then Sunday morning I came home from an early meeting to discover Buzz, who had just recovered his voice from his last bath, washed clean; but, Adam's entire bed was decorated with lovely green scribbles, and his sheets, and his brothers bed, and the bedspreads. Again, as I washed the marker off his bed, I lectured him about paper and asking for Mom's help; I noticed he was very careful not to color on the walls... maybe we're getting through? I didn't have time to change the sheets before church and choir and a visit to Kaysville for a fun Christmas gathering with Richards, Uncle Dave and Aunt Linda, we got home late and put our sleepy boy in his bed. This morning when I got home from the gym I walked in the bedroom and found Adam, cuddled up with his Daddy, covered with marker, again! For a moment I panicked thinking perhaps he had got up in the night to add to his art work collection, no, just a transfer from his unchanged sheets.

Maybe this is how Leonardo got started?

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